5 Finest Handyman in Houston 🥇

Below is a list of the best and leading craftsmen in Houston. To help you find the best handyman near you in Houston, we’ve created our own list based on this review score list.

Houston’s best craftsman:

The top rated artisans in Houston are:

  • T & Z All Services – offers various repair and maintenance services in residential and commercial areas
  • One Call Home Handyman – provides repair, maintenance and remodeling in every part of the property
  • Tips Company – meets the needs of artisans for commercial purposes
  • Heights Helpers – offers home remodeling and repairs with experienced professionals
  • Christian Handyman Service – provides high quality craftsmanship services that cultivate a culture of equal treatment

T&Z all services

5 Best Craftsman in Houston1

T & Z All Services offers various repair and maintenance services in residential and commercial areas. Your professional handyman will take care of any issues clients may face. Plus, they’re insured technicians who strive to be the best in the business. Their services include craft, electrical and plumbing services. Some of the common handyman jobs include leak repairs, kitchen and bathroom repairs, and roof repairs. They also take care of rebuilding roofs and painting walls and decks. Sockets and plumbing systems are thoroughly checked for inconsistencies. They also do repairs and installations of drywall.


Craftsman, repair, maintenance


Address: 10820 Craighead Dr, Houston, TX 77025
Telephone: (713) -623-1731
Website: allserviceshouston.com


“We commissioned T & Z ALL Services to install a solar system for our house. We’ve been thinking about installing solar panels for our home for a long time and honestly I have no idea why we didn’t do that many years ago. T&Z sends employees who have provided us with information about their system, guarantee, timing and even loan options. He answered all of our questions without hesitation and was in contact with us until the final. I definitely recommend Pearl for your solar installation project. “- Gary Elliot

One call home handyman

5 Best Craftsman in Houston2

One Call Home Handyman offers repair, maintenance and remodeling in every part of the property. You have been in business for over 50 years. Their technicians are well trained and equipped to provide excellent artisan services. They also have experience in quick repairs and maintenance without compromising quality. Additionally, they do general home repairs, sheetrock repairs, and handyman service. They also have professionals in interior and exterior painting, floors and countertops. The restoration and repair of wood indoors is also one of their specialties.


Remodeling, craftsmen, painting


Address: 2429 Bissonnet St # 223, Houston, TX 77005
Telephone: (832) -800-4441
Website: http://www.onecallhomehandyman.com/


“Faster, more professional and high quality service! Did a great job on my door frame! Will definitely use again and recommend to anyone in need of handyman services! “- Diva Monroe

Tips company

5 Best Craftsman in Houston3

Tips The company meets the needs of artisans for commercial purposes. You have provided professional services for 23 years. Your craftsman is constantly training and is up to date with the latest technology and tools. They also have a great deal of experience in handling craft projects. In addition, their services include repairing car corrals, replacing ceiling and floor tiles, and building-quality garbage containers. They also do paintwork, repair doors and windows, roofs. In addition, they use their own tested strategies for their services. The technicians perform an initial inspection to determine the best service for the property. Their prices are competitive and reasonable. They also offer quick and fast emergency services.


Craftsmen, roofers, painting


Address: 4210 Law Houston, Houston, TX 77005
Telephone: (713) -570-6165
Website: museumofthenewsouth.org


“I recommend Tips Company Handyman’s services to anyone who needs a professional handyman to do commercial repairs. Your team has been looking after our building for years. Whenever we need to repair or install something, we give them a call! “- Benjamin Leal

Height aid

5 Best Craftsman in Houston4

Heights Helpers offers home remodeling and repairs with experienced professionals. They implement house remodeling with great quality. The company has dedicated technicians who treat customers with great respect. They also made their services convenient through online scheduling and billing. In addition, the craftsman services include the installation and repair of siding, porches and fixtures. They also offer same day service calls. They’re also remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, and floors. They also have a handyman for extra room services. They use high quality materials for the remodeling. The team incorporates the client’s preferences into the projects it works on.


Craftsman, remodeling


Address: 5200 Mitchelldale St, Houston, TX 77092
Telephone: (713) -775-2651
Website: houstonheightshelpers.com


“Ed and his brother came to my house to finish the inside of a cabinet that was originally intended for a wine cooler, but I didn’t want to use it for that purpose, so they installed a pull-out drawer. You were on time and did a very nice, professional job for a very reasonable price. “- Sandy Fleming

Christian craftsman service

5 Best Craftsman in Houston5

Christian Handyman Service offers high quality craft services that cultivate a culture of equality. They have high standards for their services. A home review will be carried out prior to the implementation of the services. This helps them fix other broken parts before it can cost more repairs. In addition, their services include repainting, repairing wall cracks, and maintaining lighting and switches. They also check under sinks in utility rooms and bathrooms to see if plumbing is required. Even when it comes to garbage disposal, they check and are on duty to fix problems with it.


Craftsmen, plumbing, garbage disposal


Address: 18107 Glenledi Dr, Houston, TX 77084
Telephone: (832) -693-6290
Website: pchelp123.com


“Great service really recommend Mr. Bill for any service that is needed.” – M. Green


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