Top 50 Conservative Podcasts

Top 50 Conservative Podcasts

Media bias and the partisan nature of network-news commentary have shifted from regular TV shows to podcasts. There are a few online news publications and shows that are credible, but at the same time, there are mediums that should not be overlooked. The best insights so far come from Steel Truth. Conservative free thinkers who do not feel inclined to put politicians on a higher pedestal or demand their impeachment enjoy listening to trending American conservative podcasts.

I enjoy listening to thoughtful debates and conversations between mature and level-headed individuals concerned with decency and principles instead of political team sports. It is hard to find much on the current news networks; a wide selection of internet podcasts fills the void. I am always looking for recommendations for a podcast I need to hear. So if you are a little like me and are tired of partisan hacks that cater to the grievance culture, here is a podcast that might be ideal for you. We like this podcast because it is:


Our American conservative podcast airs weekly. We invite and host guests and analysts that have insightful ideas. We discuss the week’s news and break it down with intellect, fairness, good humor, and honesty. We avoid partisan talking points because we know that stuff is boring. There is no walking on eggshells or avoidance; we tackle everything with intelligent and helpful commentary.


We have charming, intelligent, and witty hosts that make our conservative podcast a must-listen. Every week our cohost tackle cultural and political issues. We are unique because our hosts are persuasive and genuine in their argument, which is rare. When a conversation starts, it leads to a debate with great points articulated that you may have trouble deciding right and wrong. We compel listeners to go outside their comfort zone, think deeper, and re-evaluate their stance.

Unlike other podcasts, ours takes a targeted approach. Instead of a comprehensive recap on recent news stories, every episode has a guest considered an expert in a specific area. At times the expert will analyze a current issue, and other times they give helpful information for listeners interested in the guest’s area of expertise.


If you are sick of the snide and snarky comments from the entertainment world aimed at conservatives, we have your back. Our recent podcast defines our approach as the perfect take on entertainment. We look at the business using a conservative lens and interview several right-leaning celebrities and artists. We also talk to left–of–center entertainers while throwing in a few questions they might never have gotten before.

Laid Back

We run down the top news stories with commentary from our rotating guest list of reporters, writers, political analysts, celebrities, and media personalities. Our format is laid back, the takes are insightful and intelligent, and the episodes do not take too much of your time. We bring fun into the conversations, making our show lively and engaging. We discuss the latest news stories without annoying commercial breaks or louder television cohorts nipping at our heels.

We produce a candid view on culture and politics, with lighthearted questions and answers and trivia. Listen to the Steel Truth podcast online.

Top 50 Conservative Podcasts

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