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1 Indiana metropolis has a few of the oldest properties in the marketplace

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Ever wanted to purchase a historic home? A study revealed which cities have the most historic homes – and Hoosiers looking for the rustic touch may be in luck as a northeast Indiana city made the top 10 list.

In a study by real estate experts TexasRealEstateSource.com, they analyzed Zillow listings for the 100 most populated cities to find what cities had the highest concentration of historic homes for sale. The search criteria specifically looked for homes that were over a century old, meaning they were constructed before 1924.

The top city on the list with the most historic homes for sale is Baltimore, Maryland. At the time of the study, Baltimore had over 1,035 out of 1,685 homes for sale that date back before 1924. Baltimore was founded in 1730 and was originally established with just 60 lots, each one acre in size, according to baltimorecity.org.

Taking the second spot is St. Louis, Missouri, where 60.2% of properties for sale are over 100 years old. At the time of the study, St. Louis had 459 out of 762 listings for sale that were historic. St. Louis was established in 1764 and currently, the city’s oldest brick home, the Bissell Mansion, is for sale for $250,000.

Coming in ninth place on the list was Fort Wayne, Indiana. At the time of the study, Fort Wayne had 39.3% of homes for sale over a century old. Fort Wayne was founded in 1794 and named after General “Mad” Anthony Wayne, who established the first American fort after winning the Battle of Fallen Timbers.

“It’s easy to be drawn to the idea of owning a piece of history in the midst of a lively city. Whether it’s the original fireplaces or the towering trees that have stood the test of time, the unique character of an older home is revealed through various captivating details. Found in prime locations and often more budget-friendly, older homes can be a charming investment compared to newly built structures, which may seem like a blank slate in need of added charm,” said a spokesperson for TexasRealEstateSource.com.

Below you can find the full list of the top ten states with properties over 100 years old for sale.

Rank  City  State  % of Listed Properties Over 100 Years Old 
1  Baltimore  Maryland  61.4% 
2  St. Louis  Missouri  60.2% 
3  Cleveland  Ohio  56.1% 
4  St. Paul  Minnesota  55.2% 
5  Toledo  Ohio  54.7% 
6  Buffalo  New York  46.1% 
7  Milwaukee  Wisconsin  43.7% 
8  San Francisco  California  42.5% 
9  Fort Wayne  Indiana  39.3% 
10  Minneapolis  Minnesota  38.8% 

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