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25 Winter Enterprise Concepts – Small Enterprise Tendencies

Winter can be a great time to start a business. The holiday season and changing temperatures can put customers in the mood to buy. So if you’re looking to start a new business this season, here are 25 different business ideas that are perfect for the winter months.

Winter business ideas

Snow removal service

When the snow falls, homeowners need to remove it from their sidewalks. So you can offer to remove it for them for a small fee.

Christmas tree farm

When you have enough land to work with, you can grow pine trees and have customers visit to choose the perfect Christmas tree for their homes.

Holiday pop-up shop

With people shopping so much more during the holiday season than the rest of the year, this is the perfect time to open a temporary pop-up retail store.

Gift wrapping service

You can also set up a store in a busy shopping district and offer purchases for customers in gift wrapping.

Custom ornament sales

A popular product that customers buy mainly in winter is Christmas decorations. You can offer your own unique version and even customize it for each person.

Gift basket service

You can also start a business making unique gift baskets and delivering them to gift recipients during the holidays.


If you have enough space to work, you can set up an ice rink and let people visit for a small fee.

Sleigh ride service

Another fun business idea: you can offer winter-themed sleigh rides in parks or downtown.

Hot beverage stand

Coffee carts are always popular, but winter can also be a great time to sell other hot drinks, such as tea and hot chocolate, near parks or shopping streets.

Towing service

A towing service can do a lot of business in the winter and help drivers who get stuck in snowbanks or slide on ice.

Home Winterization Service

You can also help homeowners who want to prepare their homes for winter by insulating, closing gaps in windows, or using other wintering techniques.

Chimney sweep service

Homeowners also tend to use their fireplaces quite often during the winter months. So it can be a good time to get into the chimney sweep business.

Wreath sales

Another festive product to sell, natural wreaths made from evergreen branches, or made from craft supplies so customers can keep them for more than just one season.

Christmas decoration service

Some people want their homes to look festive for the holidays but don’t want to decorate themselves. Here’s how you can start a business arranging Christmas decorations for these customers.

Ski destination holiday apartments

If you’re interested in a winter tourism business, you can open a small resort or even rent a house or room near a ski resort on platforms like Airbnb.

Winter sports lessons

If you are knowledgeable about winter sports such as skiing or hockey, you can also offer instruction services that focus on these activities.

Rental of winter sports equipment

Or you can set up a shop near ski slopes or ice rinks to rent out equipment such as ice skates, skis, or snowboards.

Selling Christmas cookies

Baker, the holiday season is a great time to start a business that is focused on celebratory cookies and other desserts.

Greeting card sales

It’s also a great time to sell Christmas cards and similar festive stationery.

Sale of knitting accessories

If you are a good knitter or crocheter, you can use your skills to sell hats, scarves, and other accessories.

Execution service for seniors

Snow and ice can make winter errands a bit dangerous, especially for seniors. So you can start a handling service to help these customers with their daily tasks in the winter months.

Party planning service

If you’re interested in starting a party planning business, you can focus specifically on vacation parties for large groups or businesses.

Personal gift shopping service

You can also put your shopping skills to the test in the winter months by starting a personal shopping service specifically aimed at buyers of Christmas gifts.

Furnace repair service

HVAC professionals who focus on repairing stoves can also be especially popular during the winter months as homeowners struggle with heating.

Personal training service

January is the most popular time of year to start a new exercise routine. So while it is possible to run a personal training business year round, winter is the perfect time to get started.

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