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3 Costco Dwelling Providers That Can Assist You Adapt to a Altering Local weather

It’s no secret that the planet is warming — in fact, 2023 was the warmest year since recordkeeping started in 1850. NASA has predicted that an average global temperature rise of just 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels could create catastrophic climate effects that may feed into one another. In 2023, the rise in average global temperature was measured at 1.18 degrees Celsius, and it was the warmest year on record so far.

So that’s fun.

It’s becoming painfully clear that we have to adapt to the changes that are coming or risk suffering from them in ways big and small. And, as amazing as it may sound, Costco can help. Costco home services include a range of installed products that can keep your home more temperature-friendly and save you money as the planet warms. Here are a few to consider today.

1. Window treatments

According to the Department of Energy, cellular shades and curtains can save you a ton of money on energy bills, especially in the summer.

Medium-colored drapes with white backings can reduce heat gain from windows by 33%, which spells a reduced need for air conditioning. Cellular shades, when installed tightly and properly, can reduce unwanted solar heat coming from windows by 60%. In the winter, cellular shades reduce heat loss through those same windows by at least 40%; draperies can reduce winter heat loss by 10%.

But the cool part is that these two types of window treatments can be used together, or in combination with other window treatments that may have smaller, but significant, effects on how much work your HVAC or ductless mini split system has to do.

Your local Costco has partnered with Graber to find and fit the best window coverings for your home, no matter what your goals. Costco members also receive a 10% Costco Shop Card with qualifying window treatment purchases.

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2. Garage door installation

Your garage door is often the largest continual surface on the outside of your home, and one that is least likely to be well insulated. Depending on the direction it’s facing, how well your garage walls are insulated, and the size of your garage door, that can spell a ton of heat buildup in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

Plain steel garage doors have an R-value of 0, meaning they have absolutely no insulative value. A wooden garage door has an R-value of 2, which is minimal, but better than nothing. But an insulated garage door may have an R-value of 6.5 or higher, often to 18.4 or better.

To say that differently, an R-value of 8 means that 90% of heat flow is blocked; an R-value of 12 blocks 93% of heat flow; and an R-value of 16 blocks 95% of heat flow. Keeping the heat out in the summer and inside in the winter is the name of the game when you’re trying to battle a changing climate.

Costco’s home services offers installed Amarr garage doors with Liftmaster garage door openers for your home from installers who know their business. After all, why pay for that triple-insulated garage door if it’s still going to leak due to improper installation? Costco members will receive a 10% Costco Shop Card on qualifying purchases.

3. HVAC upgrades

Of course, with all that insulation also comes a need for a more efficient way to control your indoor climate. Air conditioners and heat pumps are rated using a measurement called the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The lower the SEER rating, the higher the electricity demand is on the unit for the same amount of cooling.

Over the last two decades, SEER rating minimums have increased dramatically, leading to a whole new generation of highly efficient HVAC systems. Replacing older units, which may have SEER ratings of 8 to 10, can save you up to 40% on your energy costs, which can spell big cost changes, especially when coupled with other energy savings measures.

Today’s systems start at SEER 13 and generally go up to about SEER 21, but some systems may go even higher, especially if you’re considering converting to a ductless mini split system. Costco has partnered with Lennox to help members feel more comfortable in their homes with less expense and less drag on the energy grid.

Costco members will receive a 10% Costco Shop Card on qualifying equipment, not including duct system repairs or modifications, as well as significant savings all year long on their energy bills.

Climate change is hard, but Costco can help

There may be no stopping some of the worst effects of climate change as we plunge forward into higher and higher average planetary temperatures. But you can help yourself as you march ever forward and get your home ready for the almost certain inevitability.

By adding insulation to windows and garage doors and upgrading to a more efficient climate-control system, you will be able to manage record-breaking hot days, as well as bitter cold spells, much more affordably. It also makes it easier to budget for a less-predictable future.

But being able to do all of this and take advantage of discounts and bonus programs offered exclusively to Costco members? That’s even better.

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