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The region to the south of San Francisco and the Peninsula has a lot going for it, both visually and gastronomically. Places like Los Gatos and Santa Clara are historic treasures with gorgeous colonial architecture and Latin flair. This entire area is beloved by foodies too, who are more than happy to make the drive to munch on the distinctive bites. Here’s a small sampling of the best restaurants in the South Bay Area.

Palo Alto

People in the know head to this upscale San Francisco offshoot for an elite meal best spent in the company of someone special.

  • Baumé: This is molecular gastronomy at its finest. Perfectly plated works of art saunter into one’s palate via the sublime eight-course tasting menu that changes nightly. This is a once-in-lifetime experience that has the corresponding price tag. Purposefully-limited tables — holding around 20 visitors only — guarantee VIP treatment and an intimate vibe.
  • Bird Dog: The minimalist decor sets the stage for a meal that’s artistic, bold and chic. Organic farm-to-table cuisine meets Japanese elegance in a carefully controlled explosion. The flavors — like the eccentric name suggests — tend to push the envelope by playing around with local and exotic ingredients.

San Jose

Knowing the way to San Jose is key for laid-back nights out with friends without the packed scene of San Francisco tourists hot spots like Nob Hill and Tenderloin. The restaurants here don’t require overthinking things. Instead, soul food speaks straight to the heart with oh-so-good instant bites.

  • Orenchi Ramen: This isn’t just the best ramen in San Jose. A lot of people hail it as the best spot for ramen in the whole Bay Area. Whatever the case, it’s incredible. The tangy and sweet broths simmer for so long that the flavors hit like a ton of bricks — really good, tasty bricks.
  • La Costa: The outside decor is nothing special. But this beloved taqueria knows how to extract every ounce of flavor from the juicy, fall-apart tender pulled pork, grilled chicken and succulent beef. Probably not the most authentic place, but filling and irresistibly addictive.
  • Jang Su Jang: Two words: Korean barbecue. Enough said.

Los Gatos

Aged architecture and farm-to-table cooking are a match made in culinary heaven. Head to the Michelin-star dynamo that is Manresa for an unbelievable evening that feels like getting lost in a garden with an elite chef at one’s side. The rustic presentation underlines how important each ingredient is treated at this San Francisco favorite. Every element is cooked to perfection, forming layers upon layers to discover happily over dinner. Definitely go with the wine pairing as well, featuring some amazing Napa Valley vintages.


This is the place to go to taste the world without leaving the city. Milpitas pays homage to mind-blowing Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian and Mexican food — all authentic. Must-try places include the relaxed Mikonos Grill, exciting and exotic Banana Leaf and party-all-night La Milpa with its Latin infusion.

Foodies and those who are on a foodie trip of the city should swing by South Bay Area and sample the restaurants mentioned above. You may also try other restaurants and add to this list of the best restaurants in South Bay Area the ones that hit your gastronomic spot.

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