Azerbaijan Cultural Society receives Better of Los Gatos 2020 award

By Ayya Lmahamad

The Azerbaijan Cultural Society of Northern California has been
awarded the Best of Los Gatos 2020 as one of the best communities
of the year in the category of community centers of the Los Gatos
Award program.

The Los Gatos Award Program is an annual awards program that
recognizes the achievements and work of local businesses in the
region and identifies companies with exceptional marketing success
in the local community and business categories.

These companies serve clients and the community, promote a
positive image of small businesses and help make the Los Gatos area
a great place to live, work and entertain.

Different sources of information are collected and analyzed to
select winners in each category. Quality was preferred over
quantity when choosing the winners of this year’s award program.
The winners were determined based on the information provided by
the Los Gatos Awards Program and a third party.

The program was created to promote the best local businesses in
the community and works with local business owners, business
groups, trade unions, advertising and marketing groups. The goal is
to highlight the contribution of small businesses to the U.S.

Management and employees of the State Committee for Work with
Diaspora congratulated the Azerbaijani Cultural Society of Northern
California on this success and wished compatriots new success in
their future undertakings.

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