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The Houserockers brought a packed house down as they belted out their rendition of “Shout” by Otis Day and the Knights, along with plenty of other classics, Feb. 26.

Venue owner Alex Hult couldn’t have hoped for anything more for his relaunch of the old Mountain Charley’s bar as Charley’s LG on North Santa Cruz Ave.

“It’s obviously very humbling when you have a good turnout,” he said. “You feel that support from the community.”

Later, DJ Don Foley would bridge the divide between modern French house and well-produced Golden Oldies.

Most recently the venue had a short-lived but glorious life as a dinner theater called “Immersive Los Gatos” that involved sword-swallowing, aerial acrobatics and gourmet food.

Under their re-brand, after parting ways with business-partner Donovan Friedman, Hult promises bands Thursday through Saturday, with karaoke on Wednesdays, and a DJ late Friday night.

Hult recently decided to move his Flights’ restaurant out of Los Gatos after being hit by a disability access lawsuit, so he’s thrilled to still have one nightlife spot to serve the place he lives.

“We’re hoping to get the younger crowd coming in on Fridays and Saturdays to party—and get bottle service—but also be a really legendary bar with great lighting,” he said. “It’s super cool to still be able to be here in Los Gatos and have a business here. And obviously, this is our 50th anniversary here at Charley’s.”

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