Bathroom Explosion Terrifies Household, Leaves Residence Broken – CBS San Francisco

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO-TV) – A family in central Minnesota grapples with a bathroom nightmare after a water explosion from their toilet. Rita Sanders said the scary incident felt like an earthquake and is now looking for help in her town.

“In a moment it’s pressure, it’s noise,” Rita told WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. “It was like Old Faithful.”

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The incident tore a painting from its hanging, left Sander’s house water damaged, and her sleeping husband was injured. “It frightened him so much that when he got up he hit the chest of drawers with his forehead, leaving him with a nice little ‘V’. [cut]”Said Rita.

There were Pine City Public Works workers outside at the time, whom Rita believes to be responsible. This is the second time in recent years, she says.

(Credit: CBS)

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Neighbors did not experience the same unusual jet of water. “It made me sad about you because I know you have had these problems before,” said Pat Kempenich, who lives across the street.

Scott Hildebrand, the city administrator, says the workers are flushing the sewer line to clean it with high pressure water currents. Hildebrand said that the work usually doesn’t involve individual houses. He wished Sanders had called immediately after the incident. Instead, she opted for a letter to communicate the problem in writing.

Hildebrand said the call from WCCO was the first he heard of the incident, although Sanders says she spoke to someone in the city offices who received her letter last week.

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The city is sending someone early Wednesday morning to hopefully diagnose the problem.

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