Breathe Simpler With Duct Cleansing by Carl Volkman and Sons HVAC

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Above, duct cleaning specialist Vincent Bonafede of Carl Volkman and Sons HVAC in Hellertown cleans a heating vent at a home in Lower Saucon Township. To help maintain high air quality inside homes and offices with forced air HVAC systems, whole-house duct cleaning is recommended every two to three years, he said.

Whether it’s a tickle in your nose, watery eyes or frequently waking up with headaches, poor air quality inside your home or business can not only be aggravating but also harmful to your health, which is one of the reasons Hellertown-based HVAC company Carl Volkman and Sons recently expanded its service offerings to include duct cleaning.

The business employs a full-time duct cleaning specialist, Vincent Bonafede of Hellertown, whose expertise helps to ensure excellent results every time.

A typical duct-cleaning takes at least several hours to complete, and Bonafede begins it by turning off the furnace and removing all of the vents throughout the building. He recommended that homeowners prepare for their duct cleaning by taking note of where their vents are located and moving furniture and other items away from them if possible.

Once the vents are removed, Bonafede begins running an air scrubber, which draws air in from throughout the building and forces it through a dual filter. This way, any dust that is expelled from the vents during the cleaning is captured before it can recirculate. Carl Volkman and Sons also installs air scrubbers for people who want cleaner air all the time.

To clean out the vents, Bonafede uses a powerful machine called The BrushBeast by Rotobrush, which is equipped with four vacuum motors to remove even the heaviest buildup from ductwork.

Customers should expect some noise during the cleaning, from both TheBrushBeast and the air scrubber, but the results are worth it, according to customers.

Bonafede said new home buyers often want their ducts cleaned before they move in, particularly if a previous owner had pets or smoked in the home, but also to remove any unknown potential allergens or irritants that may be lurking inside the ducts.

Beyond that, he recommends that buildings with forced air heating and cooling systems have their ducts fully cleaned at least once every few years.

Different levels of duct cleaning are available to suit the needs of the customer, as is people- and pet-safe fogging to kill bacteria, which Bonafede said provides an extra layer of protection.

Many customers also purchase dryer vent cleaning, which he noted is required in some communities that have homeowners associations.

As part of their meticulous process, Carl Volkman and Sons documents everything they do with photos, so they can provide “before and after” images to each customer.

Examples of these images can be found on their website, CarlVolkmanAndSons.com, along with additional information about the 5 Reasons to Have Your Air Ducts Professionally Cleaned:

  • Duct cleaning can help prevent health issues
  • Duct cleaning improves your HVAC system’s performance
  • Duct cleaning lengthens the lifespan of your HVAC system
  • Duct cleaning can eliminate embarrassing musty and other odors
  • Duct cleaning can help identify underlying issues with your HVAC system

To request a free quote for an air duct cleaning from Carl Volkman and Sons HVAC, click here, call 484-704-2275 or email carl72003@gmail.com.

Other services offered include regular residential and commercial heating and air conditioning system maintenance, tune-ups, inspection and repair services (including emergency service), installation and more.

Carl Volkman and Sons HVAC follows current CDC COVID safety guidelines, with all service technicians masked for the protection and peace of mind of their customers.

Convenient online appointment scheduling is available via the website.

To learn more, visit CarlVolkmanAndSons.com. Also, be sure to follow Carl Volkman and Sons HVAC on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates, specials and more.

A powerful air scrubber removes dust from the air inside homes and offices while duct cleaning is under way, ensuring that any dust that escapes from the ducts is captured before it can settle inside the home.

Duct cleaning specialist Vincent Bonafede of Carl Volkman and Sons HVAC uses a powerful vacuum machine, the BrushBeast, to clean vents inside a home in Lower Saucon Township.

The BrushBeast is one of the most powerful duct cleaning machines available.

Vincent Bonafede of Carl Volkman and Sons HVAC carefully cleans dust that has accumulated on an air duct grate.

An air duct BEFORE it was professionally cleaned by Carl Volkman and Sons HVAC of Hellertown.

An air duct AFTER it was professionally cleaned by Carl Volkman and Sons HVAC of Hellertown.

Duct cleaning specialist Vincent Bonafede of Carl Volkman and Sons HVAC said duct cleaning has many benefits, particularly for those who suffer from allergies or with underlying health conditions.

Duct cleaning specialist Vincent Bonafede of Carl Volkman and Sons HVAC cleans an air duct grate inside a home in Lower Saucon Township.

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