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Confused? Here is what’s allowed to be open in San Francisco proper now

San Francisco restaurants opened last week, but only for al fresco dining, right? The answer is yes.

The shops are open, but can I enter? The answer is also yes.

In the past few weeks, San Francisco has made some changes to its on-site layout to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, and the list of businesses that are allowed to open is growing and difficult to track.

Below is a summary of the guidelines provided on the SF.gov website, as well as an overview of what can currently be open if the safety protocol and social distancing measures are followed. Keep in mind that the city requires you to wear face covering when you leave your home and recommends frequent hand washing. And don’t forget to keep your distance from others.

– Botanical gardens

– cannabis retailers

– Child care with a stable group of 12 children

– construction

– dog parks

– Entertainment venues for live streaming events without an audience

– Roadside pickup and drop-off equipment rental companies, including companies that rent bikes, kayaks, paddle boards, boats, riding gear, and fishing gear

– Major businesses including hospitals, grocery stores, gas stations, bike repairs, banks (see full list)

– Golf with limits

– Health care facilities and services, including elective surgery and dental appointments

– Hotels only for essential reasons (e.g. to quarantine COVID-19 patients)

– In-home services such as housekeepers, gardeners, landscapers, cooks, and others who provide services to other people’s homes

– Low-contact services such as dog grooming, shoe repair and electronics repair

– Offices for employees who cannot work from home

– Outdoor businesses, including outdoor nurseries, garden centers,

– Outdoor fitness classes, especially boot camps, solo dance, yoga and tai chi

– Outdoor historical sites

– open air museums

– Parks, beaches and skate parks

– Property demonstrations by video or with a realtor and only up to two other people who are members of the same household

– Takeaway and al fresco restaurants (here is a list of restaurants serving al fresco dining)

– Retail stores for roadside pickup and indoor shopping

– Short-term rentals are only permitted for essential reasons (e.g. to accommodate health workers).

– Small outdoor gatherings

– Summer camps with a stable group of 12 children

– supply chain businesses

– Tennis, only for singles

More details and guidelines on each of these sectors can be found at SF.gov.


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