Conservatism’s heart of gravity is shifting to key states, away from DC

We’re more than halfway through President BidenJoe BidenThe Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Facebook – Biden Delivers 100 Million Shots In 58 Days, Cans To Neighbors Proponents For Transparency In Biden Migrant Facilities The Memo: America Faces Long War On Extremism MOREThe first 100 days, and Republicans go through all the stages realizing exactly how painful and logical it is to lose the White House and majorities in Congress. As the DC GOP broods, the party’s center of gravity has shifted southward, where open economies, schools, and churches have attracted thousands of new residents, and the spotlight is on conservative common-sense elected leaders.

The establishment Republicans who used their dog-eared playbook were quickly to blame President TrumpDonald Trump advocates demand transparency in facilities for migrants in Biden The Memo: America faces a long war on extremism NYPD investigating an anti-Asian incident against teenagers for everything from the violence on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6 to the Georgia Senate losses to Trump’s failure to win the hearts and souls of the power elite in the Acela Corridor and white women in general. Their strategy was to “make Republicans great again” by ditching Trumpism and possibly eclipsing the future support of millions of America First supporters forever.

Now that Trump has just finished another CPAC conference (which moved to Florida because Governor Larry Hogan canceled it in banned Maryland) that saw Trump get the highest admissions ever in our straw poll, it is now certainly a cleared question whether Trump and his presidency did this were mostly positive. Many DC Republicans still resent trash talking and mean tweeting. But for Conservatives, Trump’s eight-year triumphs over four years of sometimes chaotic political triumphs united our coalition and reminded us that winning is indeed more fun.

Even so, established DC Republicanism is the fad today as corporate America. Most GOP advisors and many politicians believe that defending and kissing will move them forward, sounding like the other side trying to usher in an aggressive socialist agenda. Those in the GOP who scold Trump and his supporters do whatever is done when politicians in power no longer have to sit down before someone who has lost power. Just ask any Bush-Cheney employee who stayed to the bitter end.

Both Trump and the National Rifle Association have fled New York prosecutors to visit the sunny Florida and Texas welcome mat. The corporate headquarters regularly announce a change from blue to red states. Their public statements all mention “regional synergies” etc. and make no mention of taxes, regulations and prosecution. But make no mistake, you are escaping the socialist politics of the mega-blue states on the verge of collapse.

Just a few years ago it seemed like everyone wanted to leave rural America and join the fun and adventure of San Francisco, New York or LA. There was an almost complete reversal in less than 10 years. Runaway taxes, regulations, crime, insane theories about race and gender in schools, and growing hostility towards those who succeed have displaced residents by the tens of thousands.

States like California (98,000), New York (126,000), and Illinois (100,000 in Chicago alone), which had heavy brain drain in 2020, will lose all congressional seats in the redistribution. This marks the first time in California history that the Golden State has lost a seat in Congress and the second straight census for Illinois and New York. At the same time, Texas and Florida will resume their third straight census to get explosive population seats, and they will continue to claim boastful rights to the new corporate headquarters. Remember that only part of the ongoing migration to red states can be recorded in a ten-year census.

The focus of the GOP is indeed in the south. And states like Texas and Florida (and possibly Tennessee and others) are becoming mega-red states, making up a very powerful region of the country. The coronavirus has exacerbated the problems of the failed blue cities due to chronic school and business closures. The cancer of the switch-off mentality is acute in big cities.

Perhaps this is why so many Washington, DC advisors are no longer making it compulsory to live near DC. A growing list of prominent actors like members of Congress flies in weekly and flees as soon as possible to return to warmer states with weather, cheaper housing, little traffic and open schools.

America is changing fast as the country alternates between red and blue. Most argue that when more Americans leave the failing blue states, they will bring their leftist politics with them and Florida, Texas, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Tennessee will become bluer.

However, I believe that this current trend of economic refugees is different from what we have seen in the past. Americans are looking not just for beaches, mountains, golf courses, and warm weather, but a home that will bring them an end to the hostility of the culture of annulment, defused and depleted public safety, and the prospect of wealth for their families and for retirement .

Republican leaders who understand that moving takes a lot of care should watch the trend and follow the lead of the GOP governments. Ron DeSantisRon DeSantisDeSantis: The civics curriculum proposal will “expressly exclude” critical racial theory. DeSantis proposes, 000 bonus for first responders in Florida. The Fox News dean says “View” will no longer book her through Cuomo criticism (Fla.), Greg Abbott (Texas), Bill Lee (Tenn.), And others. There’s a reason Gov. Kristi NoemKristi Lynn NoemGOP is taking measures to exclude trans athletes. Top 5 Republican Presidential Candidates and 2 on the Way Out. Fundraising spat points on Trump GOP cracks (RS.D.) was so popular with CPAC and why she and Governor DeSantis did well on the straw poll; Both were viewed as calm and science-based in their responses to the virus. Churches have never closed in their states, and their economies benefit from the fact that mom and pop stores are treated like big chains. These governors helped rename conservatism, from wise conversation to life-saving action – something they learned from watching President Trump.

And so, established DC Republicans, enjoy your moment as power shifts to a new group of political leaders who are tanned, ready, and not at all dormant.

Matt Schlapp is chairman of the American Conservative Union and host of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

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