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Posted: Mar 8, 2021 / 2:35 PM CST
Updated March 8, 2021 / 5:42 PM CST

WACO, Texas – The winter weather in February in Texas gives Texas State
The students at the Technical University for Plumbing and Piping Technology have a lot to think about.

“There’s a lot of money going into plumbing right now,” said Austin-born Jack Guerrero
Graduation is scheduled for December with a certificate in plumbing and pipe installation technology. “A
Lots of things broke that I can fix now. “

Not only did Guerrero have a winter health problem, he and his too
The family had to heat water in a fireplace as they suffered a loss of electricity and heat in their fireplace
for several days at home.

Guerrero, who plans to work in Austin after graduating, recommends that people keep theirs
Faucets drip to reduce the chance of water pipes freezing.

Jimmy Maldonado from Gatesville is also scheduled to graduate in plumbing and pipefitting
Technology certificate in December. He said people should think about covering their windows
and doors to prevent cold air from entering. He also recommends using outside tap covers
to provide wind and frost protection.

Chris Porter, an instructor in the TSTC plumbing and piping technology program, said the
The winter weather should show students how to find their own solutions to problems. He
The students in the program learn the correct way of working that they can benefit from
You are making progress in your career.

Porter said he wants students to watch out for weather reports and know when to camp
their work carts with supplies as soon as they work after graduation. He said the students need it
Be prepared for burst pipes and not always have access to the correct equipment.

Porter said the winter weather had one positive aspect: it drew attention to the installation
Profession when people realized how valuable the workers are. He said consumer and
Business owners should be aware of who they are hiring for repairs and social media not
the place to look for plumbing recommendations. Porter said people could go to the state of Texas
Board of Plumbing Examiners website for finding professional information for plumbers.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has forecast a need of more than 511,000 plumbers.
Pipe fitters and steam fitters by 2029. The agency attributes this to the maintenance of existing sanitary installations
Systems, along with the construction of new homes and buildings.

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Source: Texas State Technical College

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