Chimney Sweep

De Anza, CA, OR, WA, Truck Fleet Upkeep Supervisor — Paths From Palo Alto

Attended college / university at
by anza

Major in
Automotive engineering

Postgraduate education or training
Computer technology; many, many vocational training classes; public speaking.

Places lived in the USA
California, Oregon, Washington

Locations outside of the US
Just during the army, Vietnam

Current jobs / past jobs
Previous professions are: gas pumps, auto mechanic, construction machinery mechanic, cook, real estate agent, chimney sweep, truck mechanic, automobile manager, air ground support equipment manager, etc.
Last before leaving: Head of Maintenance Truck Fleet

Industries in which I have worked
– Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting
– utilities
– construction
– Retail trade
– Transport and Storage
– Real estate rental and leasing
– Management of businesses and companies
– Administration and support services
– Disposal and remediation services
– Other services (except public administration) (e.g. repair, salon, political / labor organizations, etc.)
– Public administration (e.g. government, police, judiciary, etc.)

Did your training prepare you for your career or your job?
Yes, it helped, but without further training I would have fallen by the wayside.

Has your education or your professional career ever changed? As?
Not in the long run. I made some changes (real estate, chimney sweeps, cooking) but kept coming back to my true love of working on vehicles and equipment.

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