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Elephant Sushi to open new location in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley neighborhood

Photo by Susana Guerrero

September 24, 2021

Elephant Sushi is planning to open at 400 Grove St. in San Francisco.

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The popular elephant sushi from the Bay Area is expanding.

The sushi restaurant, which has two outposts in San Francisco and one in Oakland, will take place at 400 Grove St., the former home of Little Gem that has been permanently closed. Sebastian Luke from San Francisco gave SFGATE a tip about the upcoming opening.

“We always wanted to be in the Hayes Valley,” Elena Neustadt, owner of Elephant Sushi, told SFGATE. “The location is perfect for us”

Neustadt said it expects Elephant Sushi to open by the end of October, despite originally hoping for an opening in September. Delays in the project, combined with a search for personnel, have postponed the date further than she would have liked, explained Neustadt.

Elephant Sushi is planning to open at 400 Grove St. in San Francisco.

Elephant Sushi is planning to open at 400 Grove St. in San Francisco.

Sebastian Lukas

She added that some of her current employees at the Russian Hill outpost on Hyde Street will move to the new location after the restaurant opens in 1916. Neustadt kept an eye on the details for the menu, but announced that it expects to keep many of the same sushi options available while adding new items to the rotation. According to public records, the Hayes Valley site currently has an active Type 41 beer and wine license.

“We stay who we are, that’s why the new dishes are innovative and traditional,” says Neustadt.

In 2019, Elephant Sushi opened its Oakland store at 352 14th St., followed by another opening at Mission at 564 South Van Ness Ave. in the same year. The popular sushi restaurant opened on Russian Hill in San Francisco in 2012.

Susana Guerrero is a reporter for SFGATE and reports on the food scene in the Bay Area. She received an MA in Journalism from USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and a BA in English from UC Berkeley. She comes from the Bay Area. Email to Susana.Guerrero@sfgate.com

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