Enhanced HVAC options be certain that interiors keep protected and hygienic

While it’s important to keep our living spaces warm this winter, it’s also important that the fresh air flows evenly. These products guarantee that this can be done in the healthiest possible way.

Courtesy of LG

LG Art Cool Premier split system for wall mounting with LGRED

With one of the highest SEER ratings in the industry, the LG Art Cool Premier Wall Mount Split System with LGRED AEC professionals offers a design-forward solution that doesn’t compromise on energy efficiency. This variable split system of the inverter is seamlessly connected to the LG ThinQ app and offers remote control for cooling and heating.

A wall-mounted HVAC unit(Courtesy Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US)

PKFY-NLMU wall-mounted indoor unit
Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS)

The PKFY-NLMU wall-mounted indoor unit from Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US is perfect for tight spaces and whisper-quiet at just 22 dB (A). The device is connected to the VRF zone systems of the CITY MULTI®R2-series, Y-series, WY-series, WR2-series and S-series and uses the least energy to maintain the desired setpoint of an area.

a system of HVAC units(Courtesy of Bosch)

CDi series: SM Rev C.

The leading geothermal solution from Bosch, the CDi series: SM Rev C heat pump for residential water sources, meets the highest ENERGY STAR standards. The system is available in two sizes and has a two-stage scroll compressor, an ECM constant air monitor for outstanding convenience and a connection to the EasyStart diagnosis app from Bosch.

a smartphone application(Courtesy of 3M)

Filtrete Elite Allergen Reduction Healthy Living 2200 Filters

3M’s Filtrete Elite Allergen Reduction Healthy Living 2200 Filter is perfect for keeping a wide variety of HVAC equipment hygienic and hypoallergenic. The insert captures microscopic particles such as flakes of skin, smoke, bacteria, viruses and odors, but also larger fragments such as mold spores, dust and pollen.

An HVAC unitCourtesy of Carrier


Third-party testing has shown that Carrier’s new and improved Infinity Air Purifier can inactivate 99% of the murine coronavirus. The MERV 15 filter treats the airflow that passes through most HVAC systems by creating a cloud of electrically charged ions that attach, pull apart, and remove airborne dust, pollen, viruses, and germs.

an HVAC valve mechanism(Courtesy Uponor North America)

Stainless steel manifold
Uponor North America

Uponor North America’s brand new stainless steel manifold application is a corrosion resistant alternative for cooling and heating applications. The manifold is available in two sizes and comes pre-assembled for faster installation. Both variants include ball valves with full connection, temperature measuring devices and integrated flow meters.

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