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After a year of pandemic that changed work and leisure, Father’s Day gifts can comfort old favorites or celebrate exciting new interests.

Here’s a selection of high- and low-tech goodies for an epic Father’s Day, from a personalized song service to some souped-up Lego models.


Interest in homebrewing has increased, according to San Francisco-based research firm Grand View Research. With the starter kits from Brooklyn Brew you choose a variety – including IPA, Porter, Ale, Stout – and receive 10 bottles, 50 caps and a capping tool along with the ingredients. ($ 85) The starter shower set includes a pot, strainer, spoon, funnel, and siphon. ($ 175)

Northern Brewer’s Siphonless Fermenter also simplifies the process with instructional videos. ($ 199.95 and up).


If dad prefers his beer without the kick, Brew Your Own magazine has the information on how to make a non-alcoholic version by adjusting the heat and ingredients. For the taste of schnapps with no noise, consider Ritual’s handcrafted non-alcoholic versions of tequila, whiskey, or gin.

To enjoy the casual drink and also to help the wildlife, consider Glenorangie’s Giraffe Tin. The Highland Scotch Maker’s stills are the tallest in Scotland – the size of a giraffe – and the collection jar is patterned like the animal’s fur. Every purchase supports the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

You can order a set of personalized glasses from Stationery Studio. Choose from a variety of sand-etched monogram styles. Or, download a picture of the family from the CuttingEdgeBoston Etsy page and they’ll laser it onto a glass or goblet.

Grillers like the Man Crates Kebab King box, which comes with all the skewers, sauces, spices, and cleaning wipes needed to sear Argentine, Japanese, and Indian kebabs. The company also offers kits for preparing other foods, including hot sauce, bacon, roasted coffee beans, donuts or tacos. ($ 29.99-179.99)

Those who don’t have a backyard BBQ area can enjoy the craft with the handy grill from Kenyon’s City Grill. Or choose the 5-in-1 from Ninja Food, which allows you to grill, bake, roast and air-fry indoors.

For a gourmet dining experience at home, consider ordering one of Goldbelly’s special dishes. Top restaurants are among the listings. The company also offers a variety of desserts from bakeries and restaurants across the country.


Give dad a masterclass in something he dearly wanted to take away. Rockers could enjoy some electric guitar lessons with Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine; Wine critic James Suckling talks about the appreciation of wine; Ron Finley walks you through the basics of gardening.


Is Papa a Mustermann? Lego has a 1,087-piece Apollo 11 moon lander kit. ($ 99.99) Car enthusiasts could opt for the chic Ferrari GTE with realistic features. ($ 169.99) Or maybe the rare 1989 Batmobile model, all over 3,300 pieces. ($ 249.99)

Wooden Town has a buildable pinball roller coaster made from laser cut pieces of birch plywood that fit together without glue. ($ 79) You can also find buildings, boats, and all kinds of steampunk-style clocks here.


Man Crates has some fun gift boxes that contain everything you need to make a leather belt, fishing lure, or bird house.

If dad discovered the joys of DIY during the pandemic, Craftsman has a 57-piece tool set with pliers, socket wrenches, screwdrivers and measuring tape in a sturdy case. They also have one for training sons and daughters with eight child-sized tools.

Ryobi’s 5-piece set consisting of a drill, handheld vacuum cleaner, saw, grinder, light, batteries and charger is a good DIY set. ($ 149)

And Backdrop, the DTC paint company, has a nice essentials kit with three paint rollers, handles, painter’s tape, tray and liners, and a handy breadboard for storage. ($ 45)

Would you like to work on something together? Online site The Woodwork Place has guides to simple projects dads and kids can do together, like salt and pepper shakers, picture frames, boxes, planters, shelves, and even a pallet lamp. Or try making a copper wind chime, a ring of fire or a tiled table: instructions are available on the Family Handyman website.


There is something for everyone in a bookstore; Check out your local store for books, puzzles, and more.

In terms of TV and music, consider the Phillips 4 device universal remote that provides control over multiple Amazon and Roku devices. And The Daily Edited has stylish AirPod cases made of pebbled leather that can be personalized with initials, names or text in different fonts and colors.

Or here’s a new way to save memories: with a Qeepsake subscription, dad can answer a few questions and submit photos each week, and Qeepsake creates a soft or hardcover book at the end of the year. It is also a nice present for parents-to-be.

Songfinch creates a personalized song. Work with them on the style, mood, and moments that the melody should convey; You choose a professional artist to write and record the song and in a week you will have a personalized page to listen, download and share.


Tennis nuts can carry the Slinger portable tennis ball thrower onto the court; The bag holds 144 balls, and thanks to the five-hour battery, dad can practice his strokes for as long as he wants.

For golfers, Rapsodo’s Mobile Launch Monitor app helps perfect their swing with technical analysis and instant video to save and share with other players.

To keep an eye on fitness, Oura’s smart ring tracks sleep patterns and other activities. Link the Oura app to Apple Health or Google Fit.


Help dad get the best night’s sleep with nightwear from the Swiss-Swedish brand Dagsmejan. Your trademarked fabrics stay cool and are soft, breathable and moisture-wicking.

Bill Murray fans could look forward to a pair of swim shorts from the actor’s Life Aquatic-inspired collection for his sportswear label William Murray. Scuba Steve, jaguar sharks and of course the Deep Search submarine can be seen in the trunks.

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