Florida man arrested in South San Francisco on suspicion of human trafficking | Native Information

A Florida man was charged with six crimes, including human trafficking and pimping, after forcing his 19-year-old girlfriend into prostitution under threat of violence, the San Mateo District Attorney said.

Alexander Robinson, 29, stayed at the Travelodge in South San Francisco with his girlfriend for over a month and drove them daily to prostitution in San Francisco under threat of beatings, prosecutors said.

Robinson and the woman are both from Florida and drove to South San Francisco after making the decision to come to California. They stopped in Reno, where he allegedly forced them to undress for money, prosecutors said. The couple arrived in South San Francisco on July 28th. Robinson was arrested on August 28 after allegedly perpetrating domestic violence against her at the South San Francisco hotel, prosecutors said. Robinson pleaded not guilty, bail has been set at $ 300,000, and his next trial is scheduled for September 13th. Prosecutors said cases of human trafficking are rare in San Mateo County, although it does.

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