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Regardless of how you choose to ship your car, it's important to know exactly what the total cost is. Nationally, shipping a car costs about $1,150, or $550 to $2,450, depending on the type of vehicle, total distance between origin and destination, and the shipping method you choose.

In San Francisco, that average is more like $2,232, or $1,068 to $4,755, depending on the factors above. Set your budget before getting quotes so you have a clearer picture of which companies aren't a good fit.

Source: Cost per mile calculated using national averages and city-specific cost of living data from multiple databases.
All averages were correct at the time of publication and are subject to change.

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Factors affecting car transport costs

Your final car transport bill will depend on a few factors, including:


It's probably no surprise that the number of miles your vehicle transporter will travel to transport your vehicle will play a big role in determining your final cost. Shipping your car from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, for example, will likely cost a lot less than shipping it from Connecticut to Oregon.


Where your car begins and ends its journey also plays a major role in calculating the final cost of car transport. Popular cities tend to offer more choices when it comes to car transport companies, which usually results in lower prices than in small towns. If your location is difficult to access — like Bainbridge (outside Seattle), which requires a ferry ride — you may pay a higher price.

Vehicle size and specifications

The weight and overall size of your car will also have a big impact on the final cost of shipping your vehicle, as lighter vehicles are generally easier to transport. However, if you are transporting a rare, classic, or otherwise expensive car, this guideline does not apply. The special care these cars require will drive up the cost.

Auto shipping option

You can choose from open shipping, enclosed shipping, expedited car shipping, and less common methods like shipping your car by sea, rail, or air. Open shipping is usually the cheapest, but if you need to transport your car overseas or get it to its destination quickly, expect to pay higher prices.


A car transport company will usually take road conditions into account when planning and calculating costs. This means that using a car transport service will usually cost less during drier and warmer months than during colder months. When the risk on the road becomes higher (like in winter when a snowstorm is expected), prices increase accordingly.

Fuel prices

Gas prices rise and fall, which can affect the cost of transporting a car. If you make the trip at a time when gas prices are particularly high, your price will usually go up.

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