Have You Seen This? Transferring a whole 139-year-old home by way of San Francisco

AROUND THE CORNER – I hate moving. Like I really hate it. It’s a big pain and the last time it was a nightmare.

We put everything in our house in the garage so we could show the house. The house was then sold, but we didn’t have a new location. So we moved everything from the garage to a storage unit while living with the family for a short time. We then found our new place but I wanted to work on it a bit so we moved everything from the storage unit to the new garage so I can work on the house. The day finally came to bring everything from the garage into the house and then I got appendicitis. That made moving around even more difficult. All in all, we moved four times within a few months, all for one move.

There has to be a better way, right?

The other problem we’ve had is that we loved our old house – much more than our current house – but we love the area of ​​the flow so much more than the area of ​​the last house. Another riddle. How do i solve this? How do I get my cake and also eat it without moving?

Now I know: just move the whole house. That’s exactly what happened in San Francisco.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, which posted the video, this old Victorian house is 139 years old and had to move. The San Francisco Historic Society decided not to demolish the house but move it just a few blocks away. Simple enough, I suppose. Or maybe not. You can see in the video that this was an endeavor. Trees had to be trimmed and signs removed to move the six bedroom house from its current location to the new one.

The next time you move, just take the whole house with you and don’t worry about all those boxes. It can’t be too expensive, can it?


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