How To Transfer From San Francisco Throughout The Pandemic

Since the pandemic hit, many homeowners have been looking for ways to move from large cities on the bay like San Francisco to other smaller cities. This is expected as many people are now working from home and others are trying to live in areas that are less populated.

San Francisco currently has over 1.3 million Covid-19 cases with a death toll of over 19.80 (1). Moving services were requested during the pandemic and even more after the pandemic, according to the California Movers CEO. While the pandemic has created a lot of clutter in the San Francisco market, it is also beneficial as it has reduced real estate costs.

Moving from San Francisco during the pandemic can be easy if given careful attention. Fortunately, our experts have conducted a series of research to put together some moving tips to make moving during the pandemic period easier.

Obtain sufficient packing material

It is advisable to have enough packing materials and supplies if you plan to move from San Francisco and other bays during a pandemic. You don’t want to take the risk of running out of supplies while packing – and look for an emergency supply option.

It is also advisable not to use only disposable plates and other plastic containers when moving to reduce the risk of contamination from weather.

Fortunately, California Movers has great packing supplies for moving customers who want to pack themselves. However, if you are stressed both emotionally and physically as a result of the pandemic, then you cannot pack. California Movers also offers a professional packing service.

Check the state’s pandemic status

Often times we neglect the pandemic procedures around us and even the state you control. Even with a relocation permit, it is wise to consider the nature of the area you will be visiting, especially if you are moving by land.

Do you know the city cost

Although moving from a major city to a smaller town or suburb, houses in these small towns can also be expensive. You need to consider these factors like income tax, food price, sales tax, etc.

You need to be aware of your cost of living because even if your current state is cheaper than San Francisco, you need to know that your new location will affect your new job and salary.

Punctual book removals

It was difficult to get moving workers for your goods during the pandemic as they are always busy or something similar. However, it is better to book moving companies in advance so as not to waste time starting the moving process.

Many people have been disappointed with the late booking. However, California Movers offers an emergency moving service to customers who need to move immediately.

Visit local donation sites

When moving, you always sort your belongings and regularly find something to give away. You can either give them to friends or family, or even better, pass them on to donation sites.

You can visit the local donation page in your area or the national ones. However, there are local and state rules regarding these gifts. Do well to follow them all.

Master wearing a nasal mask

A nasal mask is one of the measures that comes with the pandemic and it is important to wear it for most of the move. However, we understand that moving is dangerous work that requires you to breathe some fresh air every now and then, but it’s also an important measure to keep yourself safe.

Fortunately, even moving companies in California wear movers, as the CEO says, the company is taking the best possible precautions against pandemics by respecting regulations on nasal masks worn by moving companies and employees.

Cost of Living in San Francisco compared to other counties / cities

city Monthly rent (apartment) Utilities Monthly groceries * Monthly transport *

San Francisco

$ 3,629

$ 154



The angel

$ 2,524

$ 110




$ 2,169

$ 115



Saint Matthew

$ 3,357

$ 119




$ 2,554

$ 152




$ 3,432

$ 147.15



San Diego

$ 2,237

$ 200



Why are you leaving San Francisco?

Various people and moving from San Francisco as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to the pandemic, there are other reasons why business and people are fleeing the big city.

According to the California Movers CEO, several people have moved in search of a cheaper condominium. Aside from the increase in apartment rents, most homes lack air conditioning, washing machines, and other household appliances and amenities.

Others also moved to avoid the city’s high population density as they now work remotely.

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