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Soluva® UVGI by Heraeus

Stay ahead of pathogens, seasonal flu, and other viruses with Soluva® UVGI air purifiers by Heraeus. Soluva leverages UV-C (UVGI) light disinfection that is effective at wavelengths of 200-300nm, destroying and deactivating the structures of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and fungi.

The Soluva series features in-duct, wall-mounted, and tabletop units for flexible installation options. The Air D in-duct module is retrofitted into forced-air heating and cooling ventilation ducts to disinfect air in large buildings without increasing fan capacity and it doesn’t require the use of replacement filters.

The Air W model is a wall-mounted unit best for break rooms, conference rooms, or offices. This purifier is easy to mount on the wall and plug in, and features efficient disinfection without the use of replacement filters. Ideal for smaller spaces, the Air T is a portable, tabletop solution that offers an extra level of protection when multiple people occupy rooms such as in meeting rooms, senior living resident rooms, and other tight spaces.

UVGI air purifiers are a low-maintenance, environmentally friendly option facility managers to disinfect without harmful chemicals and reduce business disruptions as a result of employee illness.

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