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PALO ALTO (KPIX) – While Bay Area law enforcement continues to investigate numerous high-profile retail break-ins, detectives from two departments about 50 miles apart appear to have found links between two of the incidents.

Shortly after 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, a group of around 40 people smashed the windshield and broke into The RealReal in Larkspur, according to Central Marin police. The suspects were able to get into the consignment store, where they stole goods worth around $ 250,000.

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Later on Sunday, shortly after 11:15 p.m., a group of around 30-40 people in around 20 vehicles attempted to break into the RealReal in downtown Palo Alto, according to Palo Alto police. A security guard reported the incident and the suspects left after breaking the front door of the store.

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The officers later located a vehicle and arrested two inmates. Inside the vehicle, they found at least $ 15,000 worth of stolen goods from the break-in of The RealReal store in Larkspur.

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Keyonnie Jones, 20, from Richmond and Imani Barnes, 21, from Vallejo were arrested according to Palo Alto police.

Both departments are now working together to see if there are any links between the people involved in the crimes in their cities and those who committed similar crimes in other cities across the Bay Area.

“They had problems in San Francisco, they had Walnut Creek, Contra Costa, they had here,” said John Woodmansee, who lives in Palo Alto. “Of course gangs move around in the Bay Area.”

Many Bay Area locals are aware of the recent break-ins in their neighborhood and other parts of the Bay Area.

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“I hope it ends soon,” said Angela Hao, who lives in Palo Alto.

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