ID wanted of four housebreaking suspects who focused model new headquarters for Finest Plumbing in Northwest Seattle

Broken into business three times in two days

A longtime business owner’s excitement about moving their business to a brand new building is now being dampened by frustration.

A longtime business owner’s enthusiasm for moving their business to a brand new building is now being dampened by frustration. The new headquarters for Best Plumbing on the 8800 block of Aurora Avenue North was broken into three times in two days this week.

“We have been a member of the Seattle ward for 50 years. I am the second generation owner and I just loved staying in the community. We serve a lot of businesses here and we just feel like Seattle is our home, ”said Bill Lilleness, owner of Best Plumbing.

They had outgrown their Fremont location and bought land five years ago to build their new mixed-use facility. After a city permit process that was described as “laborious”, they were finally able to move in the entire office staff last Saturday and set up their computers and workplaces.

On Monday, they found that thieves had stolen laptops, cell phones, monitors, televisions, and other electronic devices valued at around $ 20,000.

The best burglar suspects in the plumbing industry

Their surveillance system showed that two groups of break-in suspects entered the building at different times on Sunday evening. The first two suspects to see bicycles bypassed the building’s security system using a master standard code around 8:30 p.m. and then took the elevator to the second floor. They opened an office door with a crowbar. The thieves left with their bags full of stolen electronics.

Seattle police describe the suspect as a white man with shaggy brown hair, of average stature, wearing blue jeans, a yellow-green backpack, and a brown hat. The second suspect is a possibly Hispanic male with short black hair, slim stature, a tattoo on his right forearm and wrist, and a black t-shirt.

Then, at 3:10 a.m., two more suspects entered the building.

The best burglar suspects in the plumbing industry

“A new group comes back and they enter the building the same way and crack the elevator the same way to get upstairs. That was when the two big screen televisions were stolen, ”said Lilleness.

Police describe the first suspect as a white man of average stature wearing a purple and white plaid shirt, white jeans, and multiple necklaces. The second suspect is described as a white or Asian man of average stature who wears a light gray long sleeved shirt with buttons, glasses and part of his hair dyed green.

Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound is offering a cash reward of up to $ 1,000 for clues leading to the arrest of one of the suspects.

“These people have probably told many about these break-ins. It is obvious to me that two different suspects, two different times when they start this deal, someone is spreading the message, which means that they are talking to each other because they are either passing these codes or saying how to do it, ”Ret said . Det. Myrle Carner with Crime Stoppers from Puget Sound.

The best burglar suspects in the plumbing industry

Meanwhile, Lilleness has reprogrammed the system and changed the codes to get into the building. He also hired armed security guards. That turned out to be a smart move on Monday night when a fifth suspect entered the building with a key card stolen during the previous night’s break-ins.

The suspect was immediately arrested and told police that he had received the key card from a man in a homeless camp that stretches along the sidewalk behind Best Plumbing.

Lilleness says he is concerned about the safety of his employees who have to park nearby and is considering long-term security options. Still, he says he tried to be a good neighbor, thinking that more jobs and new construction in the area could help the local community, which has a long history of drugs and prostitution.

He says they even invited Debora Juarez, a Seattle city council member, to its opening last weekend.

“My wife tried to email her twice only to say we were new to the neighborhood. We’re kind of proud of what we’ve built here. We hope this is a light on a hill so that we can have a little variety in the neighborhood. We never heard from her office, ”said Lilleness.

I have asked Councilor Juarez for a comment but have not yet received a response. Now, Lilleness says they plan to contact her again to remind the city council that businesses and local residents may leave Seattle if proper police and security are not a priority.

Lilleness wants all burglar suspects to be held legally accountable, but has little confidence that they will remain in jail after being arrested.

“It’s kind of where our city council and city attorney are going to allow this type of anarchy,” he said.

So if he had to do it all over again, would he build there again?

“Great question. Shoreline or Lynnwood looks better, ”Lilleness said.

If you can identify one of the burglaries for the Seattle Police Department, send an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound using the P3 Tips app on your mobile phone or call 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). You can also submit photos and information at Crime Stoppers pays a cash award of up to $ 1,000 for information that results in an arrest in the case.

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