‘International Totally Charged’ sector transferring in direction of a sustainable future: By Kalkine Equities LLC

In retrospect, Kalkine Equities LLC will publish its “Global Fully Charged” or “Battery” report in the United States. The report aims to provide insight into several high quality battery storage companies. The electric vehicle sector offers some earnings potential; and with the evolving focus on the climate crisis, recent automakers’ announcements to go fully electric by 2030-2035, and overwhelming policy commitments (via $ 3.5 billion Funding from the European Commission according to the Federal Ministry of Economics), immense opportunities can arise in this area.

Companies in the battery storage space seem to benefit from the shift in focus to decarbonization. As oil consumption declines, battery cell and car manufacturers, chemical companies, solar and utility companies will grow, while lithium-ion batteries can serve as the main energy storage due to their longer service life and power density.

Increasing battery storage space with increasing demand

With lithium-ion battery prices falling and battery applications more prevalent, the Global X Lithium and Battery Tech ETF delivered 1-year returns of +53.14%, outperforming the S&P 500 index by ~ 27.0% (December 17, 2021, Source: REFINITIV)

Measures to contain COVID-19 affected deployments in 2019, but when restrictions were lifted, global economies resumed production near pre-COVID-19 levels. With increasing solar coupled storage, the global market for energy storage is expected to make a leap. In the midst of the global outlook, the US is the largest market for energy storage, driven by regulatory requirements and the opening up of the energy wholesale market. Besides that, Australia The residential storage market could be supported by the rise in residential buildings. Other markets, including the UK, Canada, and New Zealand are also constantly changing.

Still, a few factors should be considered, including the lack of market penetration given the early stage, the cost of batteries, government support, and the preference for corporate investment.

With this in mind, Kalkine’s Global Fully Charged Research aims to provide insights into various companies with an emphasis on fundamentals, technical proficiency, climate change strategies, scalability and applicability, and risks and opportunities.

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