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Journey Strategic Wealth Opens San Francisco Workplace, Brings on $180M Advisory Workforce Led by Kristin Bartlow

Summit, NJ, April 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Travel strategic wealth (“travel”), A registered investment advisor and practice management partner, today announced the launch of its San Francisco office, led by an award-winning advisor Kristin Bartlow, CFP®, CLU®, RICP, ChFC®, WMCP®, previously from Bartlow Wealth Management, a Northwestern Mutual company. The team brings $ 180 million in assets under management to Journey.

Bartlow’s team includes Brett Agnew, CFP®, Kevin D. Rinow, CFP®, CLU®, RICP®, ChFC®, and Adrienne Braccia Conrad. They will be the first advisors to join Journey’s practice-management RIA model and will primarily serve institutional and other pre-retirement clients, including high net worth technology managers and their families. Bartlow was named a Top Women Wealth Advisor of 2020 by Forbes and a 2020 Top Wealth Advisor Moms recipient by Working Mother & Shook Research.

“We are very honored to have Kristin’s team in the Journey family and are very proud to have them become the new face of our San Francisco office,” he said Penny Phillips, President and Co-Founder of Journey. “When we set out to start Journey, we had a very specific consultant in mind: a talented leader who is compassionate, who stands up for and believes in his clients, and who is unwaveringly committed to his duty of loyalty feels – that’s Kristin, Brett, Kevin and Adrienne to the nth degree. ”

Journey was founded by longtime consultants Michael Brown and Brian Flynn, along with notable consultants Praxis Management Coach, Phillips by Thrivos Consulting. The company is a hybrid RIA model that focuses on providing hands-on support and coaching for practice management to advisory teams who want to focus on serving their clients. Unlike the traditional aggregator model, which is aimed at business growth rather than practice management, Journey’s highly skilled team of experts takes care of everything from billing, payroll, investment management, financial planning, technology stack, home office support and marketing.

“We are very excited to be part of Journey, supported by a team that understands what is important to us as consultants and ultimately to our customers,” he said Bartlow. “The support at all levels enables us to better address our clients’ financial planning needs while being sure that we are doing whatever it takes to help them find financial freedom. This next chapter is bright. ”

Journey takes a deliberate, proactive approach to helping consultants best serve their clients, especially corporate executives, multi-generational families, and wealthy families. This includes hiring a team with a unique range of experience from across the financial services industry who can guide clients through comprehensive financial planning, investment management, risk analysis, and business or family office planning.

“We are in the middle of a digital revolution where customer expectations are constantly changing,” he said Phillips. “When we see an opportunity for our consultants to interact with clients in new and effective ways, you can bet that we will make it happen.”

Journey is headquartered in Summit, New Jersey and currently manages $ 2.7 billion in total client assets. The company continues to seek advisory teams in the United States that are aligned with its clients’ needs and corporate values.

For media inquiries, contact media@journeysw.com. For more information on Journey, please visit www.journeysw.com.

About Journey Strategic Wealth

Trip strategic wealth (“trip”) is a registered investment advisor working with a wide range of multi-generational clients in the United States, including corporate executives, high net worth individuals and their families.

As a practical strategic partner for financial advisors, Journey doubles the consistent support of practice management – including billing, payroll, investment management, financial planning, technology stack, home office support and marketing. This enables our consultants to focus on what they came here to do: to financially guide their clients through the ups and downs of life.

Journey is headquartered in Summit, New Jersey and has an office in San Francisco. Journey currently manages $ 2.7 billion in client assets.

Advisory services are provided through Journey Strategic Wealth (“Travel”). Securities are offered through Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments, Inc. (“PKS”). Journey and PKS are not connected. Consultancy services are only offered to customers or prospects for whom Journey and its agents are properly licensed or exempt.


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