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OAKLAND (KPIX) – Months after closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Children’s Wonderland in Oakland finally reopened to visitors on Friday.

There is something magical about the fact that after 70 years and a serious financial struggle, having closed for most of 2020, Children’s Wonderland still exists in 2021.

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With 10 acres of land, the amusement park can accommodate 700 people under current Red Tier guidelines in Alameda County. Further changes are required for the COVID logs. Instead of selling printed paper tickets at the parking ticket office as in the past, tickets are now digital.

“Please have your digital tickets ready on your phone. When you have the printout, please have it ready. We will check in the guest shortly, ”said the guide of the entrance gate to the parents and their children who were lining up to enter the park.

Families said they’d had enough of staying home and are excited to bring the kids back outside to enjoy the family favorite near Lake Merritt.

“Have fun! It was amazing to go back to something normal after a year!” Enthused one mother.

“It was great! There weren’t too many people. It was really a fun day for the kids,” said another.

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Some parents told KPIX that they are watching the park handle sanitation. The families were still cautious, but they seemed satisfied with the precautions taken.

Ben Yates and his daughter Mai are long-time fans of children’s fairy tale land.

“It seemed to be working fine. I felt safe. There are hand washing stations where we can sit down for a snack and wash our hands. I think it’s okay, “said Yates.

Staff were wiping surfaces all over the park, but some things are still not open. Rides and service areas remain closed.

“The animals are so excited to have them all back in the park! Can you imagine? “Said Fairyland Executive Director Kimberly Miller.” No, really, it’s like that, the animals see everyone regularly every day, but it’s been a whole year just of the staff. Look at the same old face. They want that See the little ones. “

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For more information on the amusement park’s COVID-19 logs and tickets, please visit Children’s Fairyland’s website.

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