Kris Bryant “Unlikely to Return” to San Francisco, Giants “Unimpressed”

Photo: Cubs / Twitter

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Photo: Cubs / Twitter

On a cool, rainy Thursday in Chicago, Cubs fans may have read something that might surprise you. According to reports from Andrew Baggarly, Kris Bryant is unlikely to be returning to the Giants this off-season. According to the report, Bryant’s Giants were unfazed, especially defensively.

Andrew Baggarly was on the MLB Network and mentioned that Kris Bryant is unlikely to be returning to SF and the Giants have not been very impressed with KB, especially defensively at 3B / CF / RF. Also note that the swing does not age well.

– Greg Zumach (@IvyFutures) November 11, 2021

It remains to be seen whether this report is “planted”. However, if that is any clue to the truth, Bryant’s list of suitors shrinks by at least one team.

The 2016 NL MVP found after his trade to San Francisco that the door is not closed on a return to the Cubs. In fact, of all the players traded at the infamous close of trading, Bryant seems the most likely to return as he exhibited his emotions while trading and later at Wrigley Field. Perhaps a reunion with the Cubs is okay for the former Chicago first-round selection.

The facts

In 144 games split between Chicago and San Francisco, Bryant scored 0.265 / 0.353 / 0.481 with 25 homers and 73 RBIs. In addition, Bryant scored 86 runs and added 32 doubles during the campaign. While those numbers may not justify the super contract many predicted, Bryant is still a high quality player that the teams would love to have for the foreseeable future.

Defensively, Bryant will likely never win a gold glove. However, that’s not a big deal when he’s in the right place. The San Francisco outfield is huge and one of the hardest to play players in the league. That may be one reason the Giants were unimpressed. At Wrigley Field, Bryant had minimal problems playing the outfield when he didn’t pass at third base.

Maybe that’s what it means. The Cubs may feel good that they can get Bryant on a bargain deal that still allows flexibility to go this off-season and beyond. Given that the Giants, a team believed to be looking to sign Bryant long term at some point, seem to be moving on, Kris Bryant could return home to friendly Wrigley Field.

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