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OAKLAND (AP) – A giant industrial air conditioner crashed onto a street in downtown Oakland seconds after being lifted by a helicopter.

Witnesses reported to Mercury News that no one was injured when the cables tore and the truck-size unit fell on the sidewalk and construction workers ran for cover on Saturday.

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Brothers Gabriel and Rudi Tcruz passed by and stopped to record a video of the Sikorsky Skycrane helicopter turning on the air conditioner.

“The air conditioning took over and then the cables broke,” Rudi Tcruz told the newspaper. “The helicopter is so loud that when it hit you couldn’t even hear the impact.”

The unit fell about 40 feet. The helicopter continued to hover overhead.

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The street not far from the town hall was closed to traffic at the time of the accident. Oakland police and city officials did not immediately respond to calls made to Mercury News for further details.

“You could definitely see the dismay,” Tcruz said of the construction workers. “One of the guys when it crashed turned around and tore off his helmet.”

WEBLINK: The helicopter drops a huge air conditioner on Oakland Street

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