Lit Snax: 1.27.22 – San Francisco Bay Instances

Gordo by Jaime Cortez

Set in and around a farm labor camp outside of Watsonville in the 1970s, Gordo’s stories are simultaneously moving, funny, quirky and utterly charming. Think Steinbeck with a queer and Latinx twist.

Gay Bar: Why we went out by Jeremy Atherton Lin

This book is both an honest personal essay on the author’s quest for community and camaraderie in gay bars (some in San Francisco!) and a scholarly examination of the gay bar as a social institution.

Orwell’s roses by Rebecca Solnit

This series of essays examines George Orwell’s love of roses from a variety of angles. Prepare to learn about the history of the flower, the great author himself, the origins of your supermarket roses and much more.

Released on January 27, 2022

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