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Look: Stranded cat rescued from proprietor’s chimney

June 6 (UPI) — A team of chimney sweeps in England came to the rescue of a pet cat who spent a day and a half trapped inside a chimney.

Owners Dylan Tansur and Amy Becks said their 10-month-old cat, Luna, became stranded after climbing through a skylight to the roof of their Desborough home and falling into the chimney.


Firefighters initially attempted to rescue Luna, but their efforts only led to Luna fleeing further into the chimney stack.

A crew from Avondale Sweeps was contacted for help, and they were able to use specialist cameras to pinpoint Luna’s location.

“After several hours of investigation and struggle, we managed to break into a redundant flue to locate the cat and save her,” Avondale Sweeps said on social media.

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