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A new, local nutritional supplement company is looking to “shake up the supplement industry.”

Los Gatos residents Danielle and David Stanton launched Fuel 4 Ever, a company that focuses on gut health and a healthy lifestyle and makes nutritional supplements without fillers, dyes or other additives.

“We want to offer people supplements that we would want to take ourselves, be comfortable with our kids taking. Things with nothing artificial in them,” said David Stanton, a registered gastrointestinal nurse.

The couple was inspired to create Fuel 4 Ever after Danielle’s health issues were resolved with natural foods and supplements.

Danielle had suffered from depression, chronic irritable bowel syndrome and insomnia for years, all of which she treated with prescription medication.

“I went down this rabbit hole of pharmaceutical medications, prescription medications. After one would fix one thing, I’d have more symptoms, and it lead to more medications,” Danielle said. “I looked at my husband, who’s an RN. … I said, ‘I want more from my life than this road of medications. I want to heal; I want to find the root cause.’”

After treating the root cause with natural foods and supplements, Danielle said she and David started talking about how they could help other people in her situation get better.

Research shows that gut health is directly tied to mental health, and that 95% of the serotonin the body produces comes from the gut, according to the American Psychological Association.

Gut health connects to happiness, mood, thought processes, memory and cognition, David said. Supplements with ingredients that don’t agitate the gut can have substantial health impacts.

“It’s not that we put ingredients in our supplements that help you think better or make your gut happy, but we take out the things that are not necessarily good for your gut like sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener, aspartame, acisoletame… all these artificial fillers and all these things that your gut doesn’t necessarily know what to do with and your body doesn’t know how to metabolize.”

The company’s two flagship products, FAST and SLEEP, were set to launch Aug. 1 online on their website and Amazon.

FAST was created to fuel an intermittent fast without breaking it. The supplement is designed to provide energy and a boost through essential amino acids, electrolytes, green tea extract and creatine, which allow your body to stay in a fasted state.

Danielle said she had been on Ambien for many years, and when it stopped working, she realized she needed to address the root cause of her insomnia. She found she had a magnesium deficiency that made it difficult for her to fall asleep on her own.

Their non-addictive sleeping supplement, SLEEP, is designed to be safe to take daily. It’s made with magnesium, lemon balm, chlorella and cilantro to create natural calming effects.

The Fuel 4 Ever supplements are available for $44.95 on or Amazon. The Stantons are set to release protein bars later this year. The protein bars are all-natural and made without chemicals.

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