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Los Gatos Luxury Cars is the sort of place you might go to score a 2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost, a 2023 Lamborghini Urus or a 2022 Bentley Continental GT.

And now the dealership is planning a major expansion—tearing down 8,584 square feet of existing space to put in a 6,395-square-foot service center and a 6,103-square-foot showroom.

On Wednesday, Los Gatos Planning Commission considered a renovation plan for the 620 Blossom Hill Road site, a 2.65-acre parcel zoned “CH,” at its 7pm meeting.

It doesn’t have to go through the standard environmental review process because it’s an existing facility.

Derek Frahmann of Integrity Design and Construction submitted the application and Sean Mullin is the Town’s project planner on the job.

Owner Price-Simms, Inc. and Bower Family Trust representative John Thomas (property owner) say they’ll use cement fiber board siding, painted stucco and metal accent features in the build. Robert A. Karn & Associates, Inc. of Fairfield was engaged for civil engineering.

“The project proposes site improvements in addition to the proposed building construction, including a new customer patio, reconfigured parking areas, and a new emergency access driveway located at the western edge of the property,” staff wrote in a report to commissioners. “The project complies with the zoning requirements related to lot coverage, building height, parking and circulation.”

Overhead renderingOverhead rendering
Overhead rendering of project. (Town of Los Gatos)

However, the dealership had an issue with its vehicle service center it had to iron out with the Town.

Its Conditional Use Permit allows for 18 service bays, but staff notes the facility has 27, at the moment.

The proposal aims to demolish the eastern shop, which has 17 service bays, then add 11 back.

Since there’s already 10 service bays in the shop on the western portion of the property, even though that’s technically a reduction from the current setup, it’s still three more than they’re supposed to have.

The Town didn’t receive any comments about the commercial development plan prior to the meeting.

In its May 20, 2022 letter of justification, TWM Architects & Planners explained that the dealership, branded as “The Luxury Collection” has been growing. It now represents several new brands of “European Exotic” vehicles that require their own showroom “to display their unique identity fully.”

“The need for new display showrooms outweighs the quantity of service stalls for this vehicle type,” the letter states.

The company also wants to put in additional accessibility amenities.

At the July 12 meeting, commissioners had positive things to say about the proposal, calling it “reasonable” and commenting that it fits “into the small town character of Los Gatos.”

One public speaker, a neighbor, asked commissioners not to allow the business to increase in height.

However, Vice Chair Steve Raspe noted the new elevation is well within what’s allowed on this sort of commercial parcel.

The expansion plan was approved unanimously. Commissioner Kylie Clark and Emily Thomas were absent.

*Updated July 17 at 9:09am

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