Man convicted of raping co-worker at San Francisco Worldwide Airport lodge underneath building | Native Information

A 37-year-old man convicted of rape and other charges on a woman with whom he worked on a cleaning crew at a hotel at San Francisco International Airport in 2019 was sentenced to 18 years in prison by the San Mateo County Attorney’s Office said monday.

A jury found Pedro Galvan Martinez, a resident of Ripon, San Joaquin county, guilty of deadly weapon rape, violent oral copulation, false imprisonment and criminal threats in connection with the July 26, 2019 attack.

Prosecutors said Galvan Martinez and the victim were working at the Grand Hyatt under construction at the SFO hotel, which was closed to the public, and he took her to an unoccupied room at the end of the shift and sexually assaulted her.

The victim called 911 after Galvan Martinez left the room and he later told investigators that they were in a relationship and that the sex was consensual. According to the prosecutor, he repeated his statements of innocence at the hearing on Friday.

Galvan Martinez’s wife, Mayra Galvan, also defended her husband after his conviction on November 10 on the third day of deliberation by the San Mateo County Supreme Court Jury.

“Yes, my husband was a cheat, but he’s not a rapist,” she said. “This jury made a big mistake.”

Galvan said her husband is undocumented and will be deported to Mexico after serving his sentence.

Judge Elizabeth Hill sentenced Galvan Martinez on Friday to 18 years in prison with more than a year of credit for the time already served in prison, prosecutors said.

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