may plumbing be the best path for you? SA wants LOADS of them

With high unemployment in our country choosing your career path can be difficult, but a skill like plumbing could be the answer.

Lester Kiewit speaks to Kevin Kirsten, owner at Monster Plumbing.

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Plumbing is a skill that is always in high demand, not just for blocked pipes or burst geysers, but also for constructing new buildings.

Monster Plumbing runs a college program in Cape Town to train a new generation of tradesmen for this profession.

Kirsten says that in 2008 they realized there were not enough plumbers to employ.

The average age was 54 for a qualified plumber at the time and that in itself speaks volumes.

Kevin Kirsten, owner at Monster Plumbing

They started providing in-house training and have since qualified over 2000 people and even expanded into a second college.

It is not just people starting out that are picking up the trade, but their part-time Saturday training has a number of people looking for a career change.

The reaction of young people to the idea of ​​developing a trade has changed positively and they are even looking to open a third college for artisan training for students aged 15 to 19.

If you think this could be the option for you, you can see more details on the Monster Plumbing college website.

Scroll up to listen to the interview for more.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Career choices: could plumbing be the right path for you? SA needs LOADS of them

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