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MNB Holdings Company (OTCQB: MNBO), Holding Firm of Mission Nationwide Financial institution, San Francisco, CA Declares Appointment of Administrators, President, and Chief Lending Officer

SAN FRANCISCO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – MNB Holdings Corporation (OTCQB: MNBO) (the “Company”), holding company of Mission National Bank, San Francisco, CA (the “Bank”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jarhett Blonien as director of the Corporation and the Bank . Ming Chow has also been promoted to President of the Company and the Bank and Director of the Bank. Rashmi Singh has been promoted to Chief Lending Officer of the bank.

“We are pleased to have Mr. Blonien join the Company’s Board of Directors and recognize the leadership of two of our Executive Officers, Mr. Ming Chow and Ms. Rashmi Singh, through their promotions to Director and President of the Bank, and Chief Lending Officer of the Bank” said JoAnne Loughlin, CEO. “Mr. Blonien brings additional legal and political expertise and connections to the company and the bank. Mr. Chow has served as Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer of the company and the bank since 2013, serves as a member of the Executive Committee and leads the employees in times of transition and challenges. Ms. Singh has been with the bank since 2019 and was strategic in developing and maintaining the bank’s relationship-based loan and deposit portfolio. ”

Mr. Blonien is a Government Relations Attorney with J. Blonien A Professional Law Corporation. Mr. Blonien has extensive experience at various levels of state government and has spent his career mastering the legislative process, building relationships with key stakeholders, and learning how to creatively implement successful strategies in an ever-evolving political landscape. Mr. Blonien is a recognized expert in gambling and government law. Mr. Blonia’s practice includes topics such as healthcare, local government, land use, financial institutions, water and environmental issues. Prior to starting his own business, Mr. Blonien served as Assistant Attorney General under Kamala Harris in the California Department of Justice. His legal practice in the public sector focused on environmental, criminal and civil rights issues. Prior to joining the Attorney General’s Office, Mr. Blonien attended Santa Clara University, where he received both his Bachelor of Science and Doctorate degrees in law. Mr. Blonien is a member of the California State Bar.

Mr. Chow has over 20 years experience in a variety of senior and executive positions with community banks in California, Nevada and Arizona with total assets of $ 200 million to $ 3 billion. Mr. Chow holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Queens University of Charlotte and a BS from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Mr. Chow is also a graduate of the University of Washington’s Pacific Coast Banking School.

Ms. Singh has over 20 years of regulated banking experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. She spent the first decade of her career at Silicon Valley Bank lending to technology companies, while over the past decade as a regional manager at United Business Bank, she lent a variety of companies and property types across California. She brings expertise in lending to the hospitality industry, fast food companies, nonprofits, schools, and other properties with special uses. During that tenure, she has over $ 500 million

Mission National Bank (MNB) was founded in 1982 with the aim of serving the underserved. Banking services are provided through a branch in San Francisco, California located in a suitable census area that is classified as High Distress and provides a boost to MNB in ​​their target market.

MNB provides business audits, business loans, and personal banking services to underserved groups in the Mission District and surrounding neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area, including minority-owned small businesses and niche retailers.

MNB is an FDIC-insured Minority Depository Institution (MDI) and a Certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) of the US Department of the Treasury.

MNB was awarded the Bank Enterprise Award (BEA) by the Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Fund in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020.

See also www.mnbsf.com.

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