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FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. – The Fernandina Beach Police Department announced an arrest in connection with the mysterious death of beloved pet sitter Colleen Potts.

On Oct. 24, 73-year-old Potts was sitting on the dog at a house on 13th Street when she was murdered, police said.

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When the police got to the house, the garage door and inner door were wide open and the dogs were loose. Potts was found dead on the couch, according to police.

On December 16, Fernandina Beach police and the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office served search warrants at a home in Fernandina Beach. The results of the search warrants, as well as the additional evidence uncovered during the investigation, led to the arrest of Shawn Lamont Wigham.

Police said Wigham was a local tradesman and was familiar with the area and the residence’s owner.

According to officials, Potts died from a single gunshot wound. They didn’t want to state where she was shot.

Officials also said that Wigham had broken into Pott’s car the night before and that her purse was missing from the home when it was found.

Wigham was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, murder and burglary, according to the FBPD.

According to Fernandina Beach’s assistant chief, Wigham’s previous crime involved the sale and supply of cocaine in Nassau County.

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