Nebraska WR Decoldest Crawford debuts in coolest HVAC advert doable

Good job by Nebraska football player Decoldest Crawford for securing the coldest NIL deal you could have possibly ever imagined.

With a name built for the HVAC business, Decoldest Crawford gave us the coldest NIL ad to date.

The Nebraska football player may hail from Louisiana, but he got the bag from SOS Heating & Cooling by making his way up to Lincoln. Although the Cornhuskers are still longing for the days of Bo Pelini and Taylor Martinez, few programs are better positioned to benefit from the wonderful world of NIL quite like Nebraska. So grab yourself a Cinnabon, sit down and enjoy the program.

Crawford knows what’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold! Alright, alright, alright, (alright, alrightā€¦)

Decoldest Crawford lands the perfect NIL deal as a Nebraska football player

Although his given name was given to him, Crawford is absolutely making the most of it by cashing them NIL HVAC checks. Assuming he becomes a big part of Nebraska’s turnaround, surely, there will be other NIL opportunities Lincoln, Omaha and the rest of the great state can provide. If he is smart, he can become a business, man, like Ndamukong Suh did with Warren Buffett’s help.

Buffett is getting up there in age, but Suh became proficient in getting the bag as the best Nebraska football player since Eric Crouch. Truth be told, Crawford is not catching Suh, but then again, he is Decoldest. What he really is hoping for is for head coach Scott Frost to stay off the hot seat. With the power of Decoldest and Frost, Nebraska will break the curse of Big Bang Theory.

As Nebraska piles up the wins, we’re talking about mega-blockbuster deals with slushies, refrigerators and freaking coolers, man. With the right amount of coaching, Crawford can learn how to dance like Shaq did with that cat while pushing IcyHot harder than concrete at a Culver’s. Lincoln may be more of a Runza town anyway, but Crawford will push shakes and sundaes as well.

Look for Crawford’s bank account to grow enough to buy one share of Berkshire Hathaway stock!

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