Chimney Sweep

Neosho Hearth Division advises residents with fireplaces to get their chimney inspected to forestall fires | KSNF/KODE

NEOSHO, Missouri – Many of the four states are expected to freeze Thursday morning – and local fire officials are encouraging people to play it safe.

Neosho Fire Marshal Scott Maness says it’s important to make sure your chimney is inspected and cleaned once a year. He recommends using wood that is at least six months old.

He also estimates his department deals with nearly 10 chimney fires a year.

“A chimney sweep comes and if there is creosote or soot in the chimney, it is cleaned. Creosote is something made by burning wood and the like that is also flammable, so you can set the chimney on fire, ”said Scott Maness, Neosho Fire Marshal.

A chimney sweep will also check for cracks and look for things like a bird’s nest or other types of obstructions. It is also important to take extra precautions when using space heaters.

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