On-Demand Companies Startup: Greatest Handyman Enterprise App

The need for on-demand services is growing as the market increases and everyone will face problems at home on a daily basis. Innovation is increasing as everyone needs a professional to fix the problems and experience in using a range of tools.

Many entrepreneurs are already investing in the on-demand Handyman app. Many adjustments to the Home Services app are available, e.g. B. electrical services, plumbing services, beauty services. Plan accordingly and work.

Entrepreneurs should offer people the solution. In order to find a home service handyman, it is difficult to find the right person for the job and an availability check needs to be done.

People should find it easy to book the services and get the home services easily. The platform should be equipped with all the necessary functions

The best home services are up and running.

You are the next successful entrepreneur to provide home services to those in need.

Urban Company

Urban Clap is an Indian marketplace that offers various services such as installation, maintenance and repair. The company was founded in 2014 under the name Urban Clap and is now officially declared as an Urban Company.

In 202, home maintenance and repair services contributed 45% to total sales and beauty services contributed 55% to total sales. The municipal company looks after 22 locations with a network of 25,000 specialists and 800,000 service tasks every month.


Handy is a two-way online marketplace for cleaning and other household services. It is a New York based company providing services to the US, UK and Canada.

Handy operates in 28 cities in the United States and in several cities in Canada and the United Kingdom. The company has had at least 160 full-time employees since July 2015 and, according to Handy, has hired around 10,000 cleaning staff to work on the platform. About 80% of the bookings come from regular customers.


Joist is intended for contractors who enable estimating, billing, recording payments and managing projects from their iPhone / iPad and the Internet.


  • Make a list of commonly used items to quickly create estimates and invoices
  • Calculate estimates quickly
  • Print out email estimates and invoices on site
  • Convert estimates into invoices
  • Capture payments right then and there
  • Manage and save your customer information
  • Export everything to your accounting program

With Joist you can calculate estimates on site and send them to your customer. Issue invoices and record payments.

And export all information to your preferred accounting system.


Thumbtack is an online service for customers. A total of 1100 service category types are included.

Thumbtack was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in San Francisco. The company has raised more than $ 275 million from SequoiaCapital, Tiger Global Management, Javelin Investment Partners, Baillie Gifford, and Google Capital.


TaskRabbit is the easiest way to solve your daily to-do list. It connects people with talented service providers to solve the problems that the practical work of housekeeping faces.

Log in as a Tasker and get started in minutes. Search for jobs, choose a schedule and create one that suits you.

As simple as that.

House advisor

The Home Advisor concept is to connect the homeowner with professionals to improve home services. Registration is free. However, you have to pay a small fee for leads.

Once signed in, you can list your services, bid on projects, and instantly connect with customers.


Instant Connect, a service that allows homeowners to be contacted quickly by phone by a HomeAdvisor specialist.

With the Same Day Service, homeowners can instantly make an appointment to complete their home project on the same day.

Homeowners can also make appointments through HomeAdvisor’s Facebook pages.

HomeAdvisor also integrates smart devices like Apple Watch and Amazon Echo.

Be one of them and start a handyman service app for high volume business. Start your own business with the best Craftsman app like Uber

or visit the website to learn more about the features and pricing details.

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