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SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Bay Area concert promoter Another Planet Entertainment announced Wednesday that it is working with the owners of San Francisco’s Castro Theater to renovate the landmark and present live events at the venue.

The concert promoter said it will partner with Bay Properties, Inc., owners of the Castro Theater since the historic building was built 100 years ago, to both rehabilitate the building and plan the events held there.

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In a press release posted on Another Planet Entertainment’s website, the concert promoter said it plans to implement “significant improvements to sound, lighting, production, HVAC and the theatre’s branding,” among other facets of the building.

Bay Properties vice president Chris Nasser Padian called the move “the next evolution of our historic theater” in the press release.

The publication noted the organizer’s previous work in preserving and enhancing historic buildings such as the Fox Theater in Oakland, the Greek Theater in Berkeley, and the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

“The Castro Theater is a beautiful building that we will be upgrading for better use in the future,” said Gregg Perloff, CEO and co-founder of Another Planet Entertainment, in the publication.

The press release said the venue would host a variety of events, including comedy, music and film, as well as community and private events.

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The Castro Theater has hosted a few live concerts presented by independent show promoter FolkYEAH in recent months, but only a handful of films – including the premiere of The Matrix Resurrections – have been shown at the popular cinema since the pandemic began.

The website for the Castro, which used to contain the theater’s online movie schedule, now redirects to a page on the Another Planet website with a link to the official announcement and an email address for private event rentals.

In the past, the Castro has been a key theater for several major local film festivals, including the San Francisco International Film Festival, Frameline (the San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival), and Noir City.

Some people lamented the end of the Castro Theater’s run as an independent repertory film house on social media, including the Mission District’s Roxie Theater.

It’s a sad day for San Francisco cinema.

— Roxie Theater (@roxietheater) January 19, 2022

Castro’s Twitter post accompanying the announcement showed the negative reactions of dozens of heartbroken film fans.

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