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Pet Cat Rescued After Getting Caught In Chimney – HFM

A pet cat has been rescued after getting stuck in the chimney of a house in Desborough.

A team of chimney sweeps used specialist cameras to help locate Luna, who was trapped for a day-and-a-half.

Luna as she is rescued from the chimney  Pic: Avondale Sweeps

The 10-month-old cat had fallen four metres down the chimney, after getting onto the top of the three-storey house in Rushton Road by climbing through a skylight.

The Fire Service initially helped try to locate the animal, including using an aerial platform to access the roof, but she moved further down the chimney stack.

Luna’s owners, Dylan Tansur and partner Amy Becks then called Kettering-based Avondale Sweeps, who were able to identify exactly where Luna was and cut holes inside the house to get her out.

The couple are thanking all who helped with the rescue operation, which saw Luna escape virtually unscathed.

Dylan spoke to HFM:

Luna was spotted on a specialist camera  Pic: Avondale Sweeps

Luna following her ordeal

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