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Pittsburg Police Bust Unlawful Chop Store; Suspects Arrested; Weapons Seized – CBS San Francisco

PITTSBURG (CBS SF) – In the case of a stolen car tip, Pittsburg police and CHP officials blew up an illegal chop shop, arrested suspects and confiscated weapons, including at least one “ghost weapon” in a Friday attack.

Investigators said the incident began when Pittsburg police received an alert for stolen vehicles near Buchanan Road. Officials soon located the vehicle in a house in Inverness Dr. and called the stolen vehicle department of the CHP plant.

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Armed with a search warrant, the officers entered the house and discovered an illegal chop shop operation that was already in full swing.

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Elsewhere in the house, officers found several stolen items and several firearms. Several suspects were arrested and taken to Martinez Detention Center. The case will be referred to the public prosecutor for formal indictment.

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The officers also located another stolen vehicle and an occupant who was in possession of a ghost weapon. He was also taken into custody and sent to prison.

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