Police, Firefighters Examine Restaurant Explosion in San Francisco – NBC Bay Space

Police and fire investigators are trying to find out who set off an explosive device in a Thai restaurant in the Tenderloin district on Monday morning.

The incident was reported at 3:45 a.m. and shook the inside of the store, with shrapnel flying – and leaving marks on the plexiglass barriers in front of the restaurant.

The chef and owner says it was tough surviving the pandemic. He and other neighborhood business owners were broken into, but this incident is even more worrying.

“It’s not like a stone, someone just cracks the window and steals something,” said owner Pinto Chanroensuk. “They didn’t even want to come in. They just did it for fun or whatever, I don’t know. “

He said it will cost thousands of dollars to repair the damage and is considering leaving the tenderloin because he no longer feels safe.

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