Quilt redefines HVAC business with aesthetic, environment friendly designs

San Francisco-based startup Quilt is making waves in the HVAC industry with aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient designs. These designs are the brainchild of industrial designers Mike&Maaike, who have previously been associated with tech giants such as Google, Coalesse and Steelcase.

Quilt doesn't just offer attractive HVAC systems. The company redefines energy efficiency and significantly reduces the carbon footprint and operating costs. By combining style and sustainability, Quilt sets a new standard in the HVAC industry.

Quilt's rapid success suggests it may have a lasting impact on the HVAC market, paving the way for living spaces equipped with stylized HVAC systems that blend seamlessly into our interior design while ensuring our comfort.

Quilt's alliance with renowned industrial designers, a strategic location and a strong focus on design and efficiency reflect the increasing expectations for future HVAC systems.

The unique Quilt HVAC system offers a wide variable BTU range and uses ductless heat pump technology for better efficiency. Despite its high performance, it operates quietly and offers zone control for temperature adjustment, providing ultimate comfort. In addition, it has a modern design that fits well with trendy interiors and features a comprehensive remote control for greater convenience. In particular, its energy-saving features reduce both carbon emissions and electricity bills, making it a cost-effective solution.

The Quilt system is characterized by its customizable exterior, stylish details and integration with smart home devices.

Quilt's aesthetic and efficient HVAC approach

Moreover, its quality, intuitive interface and diverse range make it a popular choice among homeowners. The affordable homeware store offers it as an ideal combination of design and technology.

The Quilt system impresses with its quiet operation and compact dimensions, making it perfect for small spaces. It features an efficient exhaust fan, zone heating for targeted heat distribution and a digital thermostat for precise temperature control. Its sleek design also fits seamlessly with the room's decor.

The Quilt Dial is another innovative feature of the Quilt system. This smart thermostat gives users control over settings, scheduling, energy savings, and efficiency monitoring through an app – redefining the way people manage their home environment.

The Quilt system's outdoor unit features a stylish matte black design and operates quietly. It also boasts remarkable energy efficiency, self-cleaning and automatic scheduling, among other features. The system ensures fresh indoor air quality and supports integration into smart home systems. Combined with a comprehensive warranty and exceptional customer service, the Quilt system is a valuable investment.

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