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MP Kevin Mullin

Legislative district drafts released this week would likely remove Assembly Speaker Tem Kevin Mullin, D-South San Francisco, from the district that represents much of the county, in addition to Rep. Evan Low, D-Campbell, to a district with the MP Marc Berman, D-Palo Alto.

The maps used to elect state lawmakers for the next 10 years are rebuilt every 10 years to coincide with the release of the census data to maintain roughly equal populations across counties as population densities change. Given the requirement that the legislature be based in the district it represents, this can lead to conflicts if a new card moves a legislature out of its or another’s district.

“Our place of residence would be likely [be] outside the congregation’s proposed district boundaries, ”Mullin said in an email. “However, this is only the first draft card and I expect more changes so we will continue to follow the process. Regardless, representing the people of San Mateo County on the state capitol has been the honor of my life, and I have over a year left in my tenure.

Mullin, who has served in the congregation since 2012, will be removed from office in 2024 regardless of the final card. Berman could spend an additional six years in the congregation if he was re-elected next year, and Low has four years before reaching his term in office. The offices of Berman and Low did not respond to requests from members of the congregation.

The district maps are created by the independent California Redistribution Commission, which creates the maps over several weeks. Districts must also be elected in such a way that People of Color are empowered to choose their preferred representatives, a key concern during the process. The maps are likely to evolve by the December 27th deadline.

The 22nd Congregation District, represented by Mullin, spans most of the peninsula from South San Francisco to Redwood City. The new district boundary would shift to include a sizable portion to the southeast, including Half Moon Bay, and to the north the district would experience a slight decrease – the change Mullin could rule out.

The 24th district, currently represented by Berman, has seen remarkable changes. Currently, the district encompasses Menlo Park to Sunnyvale and west of Half Moon Bay to Pescadero. The new map divides the region into east and west and divides the coast into one large district that extends to Santa Cruz and inland to Morgan Hill. The eastern part including Palo Alto, where Berman lives, would be in a district that would extend into part of Campbell, possibly including Low’s residence.

The proposed Senate map leaves things relatively unchanged for the peninsula. The 13th district, represented by State Sen. Josh Becker, D-San Mateo, is getting a slight extension to the north and shifting to the southern border that would see Saratoga included and Sunnyvale excluded.

The cards are currently in a two-week review period ending November 24th during which they cannot be changed. Public comment sessions begin on November 17th. The new cards will come into effect from the elections in November 2022.

Go to wedrawthelinesca.org to view the maps or learn more about the process.


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