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Reopening California: San Francisco salons, gyms, therapeutic massage studios, tattoo parlors reopen for indoor providers amid ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – San Francisco eased its health regulations a bit on Monday so that nail and hair salons, gyms, massage parlors, and tattoo parlors can welcome a limited number of customers back to their homes.

At MX3 Fitness, Kevin Mcspadden was one of the first clients to train indoors on Monday morning. He hasn’t been to a gym since March.

We haven’t seen the following in San Francisco in 6 months: Someone working out in a gym! This is allowed from today – but no group classes. Just one on one training or an individual training. And the gym can only allow 10% of its capacity inside for the time being. pic.twitter.com/tJcGUiGn2J

– Amy Hollyfield (@amyhollyfield) September 14, 2020
“It feels good,” he said between bench presses.

The owner of MX3 Fitness is thrilled to see people back in the house. He had set up an outdoor area for customers while waiting for the city’s permission to open inside. The outdoor exercise room worked fine until smoke covered the city.

“We can’t ignore the air quality, can we? It was really difficult. We’ve had so many outdoor cancellations for our outdoor gym over the past week. So it’s nice to have that other option. But it’s also nice to know.” “The rain is coming. And we’re finally back inside,” said co-owner Dave Karraker.

San Francisco only allows a limited number of people in the gyms and only for one-on-one personal training or individual training. Group fitness classes are still not allowed, leaving some large fitness chains closed.

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“Group fitness is still not allowed indoors. So don’t expect to go to your Barry’s boot camp or spin classes just yet. For now, only one-on-one personal training and then individual training is allowed indoors. We expect that . ” Change in the coming months as we do better as a city on our COVID-19 response, but right now it’s only those limited services at 10%, “Karraker said.

He said this new facility was great for his business, but he was fine with the larger training facilities.

“It’s very difficult right now for the big box gyms because they have these huge leases they sit on and 10% doesn’t help them. But 10% for a small neighborhood gym really helps being a little bit outside / doing a little bit inside – can help pay the rent, “Karraker said.

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His personal trainers were fully booked on Monday, an indication that many San Franciscans are ready to be back.

“Everyone I know in my community has always wanted to go to the gym. It’s one of the two things they talk about – going to restaurants and going back to the gym. I think it’s good and important.” Mcspadden said.

Some salon and gym owners, like Karraker, said they will continue to provide outdoor service to customers who are uncomfortable with being indoors with others.

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Tracy Chavez owns Eye Candy SF. She crossed Union Street with a sign in her hand and was thrilled to be reopening her beauty salon.

“So happy to be back, so happy to be able to open again. I’m really excited,” she said. “I’m really looking forward to everyone coming back and I’ve missed everyone so much. It’s been a busy year but we’re going through.”

Chavez had to move in with her family because she couldn’t afford to stay where she lived.

The salon is now set up to keep the recommended number of clients at a distance, and Chavez complies with the requirements by wearing a mask, face shield, and specialized clothing.

Tracy Stanwick is another salon owner eager to reopen.

“It’s been stressful, but we’re all happy. It’s also a relief for our customers,” said Stanwick. The first customer of the day has already been served in her salon.

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“Months and months and months. I’m so happy to be here,” said the customer.

Everyone told us the city had waited too long for it to reopen.

Danielle Rabkin, owner of Cross Fit Golden Gate, agrees.

“We saw counties like San Diego and Los Angeles reopen, but San Francisco, which had much better metrics, stayed closed and that was really hard to see.

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Gyms may only be opened with a capacity of 10%. Rabkin says the majority of her clients, young tech professionals, have moved out of town.

“I don’t know if I can recover from six months of closure but I’m going to fight like hell, I sure will try,” Rabkin said.

Hotels were also allowed to attract tourists for the first time today. Still, some hotels decided to wait a few days, knowing that few people would be willing to visit San Francisco under these conditions.

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