Salesforce presents assist transferring staff out of Texas after abortion legislation

Issued on: 09.12.2021 – 02:12Changed: 12/09/2021 – 02:10

San Francisco (AFP)

IT giant Salesforce has offered to relocate its Texas employees after the conservative state passed a restrictive abortion law.

“If you want to move, we’ll help you get out of TX,” said Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, in a tweet Friday, adding a link to a CBNC article that first covered the move.

The law banning abortions after six weeks has sparked outrage among suffragettes, and the Biden government is looking for legal ways to prevent it.

Salesforce, a San Francisco-based software company, told its employees that it respects “that we are all ingrained and have different perspectives,” said an internal statement quoted by CNBC.

“If you have concerns about access to reproductive health care in your state, Salesforce will help you relocate you and your immediate family,” the memo said.

Texas law, passed this month, prohibits abortions once a heartbeat can be detected before many women even know they are pregnant – except in the event of a medical emergency.

Other tech companies have also taken action in response to the law. Texas-based online dating giants Bumble and Match Group have announced plans to create funds to support women.

The new law encourages Texans to report anyone involved in illegal abortion, including anyone who takes a woman to a clinic to have the procedure done. In response, car sharing companies Uber and Lyft have announced that they will pay drivers legal fees if exposed.

Web hosting company GoDaddy refused to host a website that was set up by a Texas anti-abortion group to gather guidance on how to enforce the new law.

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