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FIFPRO Publishes Charter of Player Data Rights Regarding Player Access to Performance and Health Data, Information


Joe Lemire

September 20, 2022

FIFPRO, a global federation of 66 soccer player unions, has published its Charter of Player Data Rights and accompanying research report to provide a player-centric view of managing technology and innovation in the sport.

Developed in conjunction with FIFA over the past two years, the FIFPRO charter seeks to align the interests of all parties in deploying technology while ensuring basic athlete rights around privacy and access. The eight primary personal data guarantees that FIFPRO wants to ensure are:

  • The Right To Be Informed
  • The Right To Access
  • The Right To Revoke
  • The Right To Restrict Processing
  • The Right To Data Portability
  • The Right To Rectification
  • The Right To Complain
  • The Right To Erasure

Of the 119 male and female players surveyed across 10 national player unions by FIFPRO, 80% indicated they want access to their own data to improve performance. The charter is a statement of standards but not a governing document; the athletes hope to collectively bargain these rights with their respective leagues.

“Professional footballers have the same data rights as everyone else,” Alexander Bielefeld, FIFPRO director of global policy and strategic relations, said in a statement. “They must be in a position to access, transfer and control when and how sensitive data about them is used. The Charter of Player Data Rights is a response to feedback from players across several focus groups and research surveys at a time of unparalleled innovation.

“The charter sets out common industry standards that should be practically implemented to help players manage and apply their rights, minimize conflict and set a fair and sustainable foundation for this emerging area of ​​our sport at domestic and international levels.”

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