San Francisco 49ers to Take a look at Arizona Cardinals’ Eyes Defensively Sunday

The San Francisco 49ers will try to confuse the eyes of Arizona defenders on Sunday.

With pre-snap motions, checks and various personnel packages, the 49ers will try to find or open a gap in the front of the Cardinals.

With the potential hole, the 49ers have quick running backs to break through before they close, or they can pull the ball back and take game actions.

Arizona has dealt with this type of scheme before.

Kyle Shanahan took over as head coach and play-caller for San Francisco in 2017, so much of the Cardinals staff has faced him several times.

These two teams faced each other in Week 5, although the San Francisco offense looked different with replacement quarterback Trey Lance for the injured Jimmy Garoppolo.

“It’s a really difficult undertaking to overcome,” said Vance Joseph, Cardinals defensive coordinator. “Kyle did a few different turns with the jets and the moves and the slashes and the hardest part on defense is the pre-snap. The move and the pre-snap moves usually break up the defense and that’s the hardest part.

“So it is our job to obviously have great details and focus on our tasks before hitting the ball. And it is my job to avoid the gaps with the right decisions.” gif maker (39)

On both of the above moves, moving forward confused a defender’s eyes and affected the first step / reaction.

This created just enough time for speedster running back Elijah Mitchell, who averages 5.3 yards per carry this season.

Security Budda Baker said he anticipated a lot of 12 and 21 personnel groupings.

Many of the moves the 49ers use include their tight ends and full-back Kyle Juszczyk.

The tricky thing is that they also use these players in the passing game, which makes it difficult to decipher what is coming. Juszczyk is third on the team at receptions this year, just behind tight end George Kittle, who missed three games but will return on Sunday.

“You will be moving a lot of people,” said edge rusher Markus Golden. “If your eyes are lost and you’re looking at a narrow end while it moves all the way across the field when you look at it, they’ll snap the ball and you’re too late to do your job. You just have to be able to concentrate on your job. “ gif maker (40)

Edge rusher Chandler Jones added, “When you have a lot of moves and pulls and guys are walking sideways, you need to keep an eye on your man on your assignment as he can change in a split second.

“Shanahan does a great job moving up the gaps, giving you different looks, or giving you the same looks and giving you different things with the same exact look. So our job as defense is that everyone has to do their job to stay in their loopholes. “

Joseph said it was difficult to face a team that doesn’t change offense much, even with bigger players in the game. Bigger players also need to maintain their discipline against sets they are not used to.

With Garoppolo, the 49ers have returned to their usual running game. When Lance was below the middle, the rookie had a lot more run-pass options and led the team in a rush in Week 5.

That won’t be the case on Sunday, although Garoppolo may pull it from time to time.

With the moving parts and big bodies up front, the 49ers are what Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury called one of the most physical teams on the schedule.

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